Teacher’s Lounge Design Ideas: Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

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We’ve often discussed how Smarter Surfaces products can benefit both teaching and learning in the classroom.

From interactive classes to collaborative learning, there truly are many advantages.

Today we are going to be talking about how you can benefit from magnetic whiteboard walls in your school.

Well, in your teacher’s lounge to be exact.

Want to find out how you could optimize your teacher’s lounge organisation and management with magnetic whiteboard surfaces? Then just keep reading.

The Most Efficient Notice Board

We all know the traditional notice boards that are found in most staff rooms across schools. They can be clunky, inefficient and an eyesore.

As you have to use thumbtacks to hold up your papers, you can often find your important notices and documents have fallen on the floor.

This doesn’t have to be the case.  

A magnetic whiteboard wall allows you to stick any documents or notices directly on to the wall. With the power of magnets you can be confident that when you hang up your notices, they’ll stay up.

With whiteboard functionality you can also save paper.

Have a quick update you need to make your colleagues aware of? Instead of wasting your time typing and printing, simply write it on the wall and wipe off when no longer relevant. It’s as easy as that.

Organize Your Workday

Magnetic whiteboard surfaces are also a great tool for organizing your workday.

With whiteboard functionality, staff can write up what times they will be using certain facilities or need particular school equipment.

The staff at St. John’s primary school wanted to optimize their organisation and so they turned to Smarter Surfaces.

Using Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Whiteboard Paint, they were able to create their very own magnetic whiteboard wall for their teacher’s lounge.  

Now they can organize and manage their day in the most efficient way.

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Display Important Information

When you work in a school environment, child health and safety is always the number one priority.

Oftentimes there are children in your school that have allergies or conditions that every member of staff must be aware of.

With a magnetic whiteboard wall you can hang student pictures in the teacher’s lounge and write up all important details.

This can include the type of allergy or condition, and what to do and who to call in an emergency.

The health of your staff members shouldn’t go over-looked either.

All of our magnetic whiteboard products are low VOC and won’t trap dust like noticeboards keeping your staff room air as clean as possible.

Want to learn more about the different magnetic whiteboard options available to you? Then click here.

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