Using Super Magnetic Paint In Your Classroom

Want to add a magnetic surface to your classroom? Well, we have plenty of products for you to choose from.

Smarter Surfaces has an extensive range of magnetic products including paints, wallcoverings and plaster.

But have you heard about our latest product, Super Magnetic Paint? It really is perfect for any working or learning environment.

Keep reading below to see some of the reasons you should choose Super Magnetic Paint for your classroom.

Super Magnetic Paint Is Easy To Install

This product is very easy to install. You can have four coats to apply in total. Lightly sand between each coat and ensure your end finish is smooth.

It’s as simple as that. Check out the full application guide for Super Magnetic Paint here.

It’s Stronger Than Regular Magnetic Paint

Super Magnetic Paint is a lot stronger than Smart Magnetic Paint. If you are looking to hold up heavy items such as picture frames or something that carries a little extra weight, this is the product for you.

Smart Magnetic Paint is 50% magnetite while Super Magnetic Paint is 60% magnetite. That means that it has 10% more magnetite than Smart Magnetic Paint, giving you a stronger magnetically receptive surface.

Top Coat Your Way

Once you apply your Super Magnetic Paint you don’t have to keep your surface the way it is. Top coat it any way you like.

This product can be easily painted over in any colour you like. Or why not try a digital print or wallpaper? Your surface can look great and be magnetic too.

But best of all, you can top coat Super Magnetic Paint with one of the products from Smarter Surfaces dry erase range.

Check out Smart Dry Erase Paint in White or Clear or Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering to create a double functionality surface.

Want all three functionalities on the one surface? Magnetic, dry erase and projection? Then choose Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase.

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