Using Magnetic Paint In Your Classroom


As a teacher you can spend a lot of time at the front of a classroom speaking to your class. But how do you keep everyone engaged? Sure, there are a couple of things you can try, but one of the ways we think works the most is making your lessons much more interactive.

You can do this easily by using magnetic paint in your classroom and make your walls work for you. There are plenty of products to choose from but in this blog we will focus on Super Magnetic Paint

Keep reading below and see some of the ways that you could use magnetic walls in your classroom.

Try Using Magnetic Paint To Create Class Notice Boards

Wouldn’t it be great to have a space where you could keep track of everything going on in your classroom during the week? You can do this easily by using magnetic paint to create super magnetic walls in your classroom.

Stick up topics, drawings or outstanding pieces of work on your surface. Everyone will be able to see the big picture of everything that is going on this week.

It can be completely owned by your students too. Choose small groups each week to manage your super magnetic noticeboard. This will help them feel more actively involved in the running of your classroom and give them less time to get distracted.

Enjoy Two Way Communication With Magnetic Walls

One of the main issues with engagement in the everyday classroom is that everything is very one way. Teachers stand at the front of classrooms talking to the thirty or so students sitting in front of them.

There is very little group interaction and it can make it more difficult for students to stay engaged with what they are learning.

With Super Magnetic Paint, communication will be much more two way.
Instead of having everyone sitting at their desks, get groups of students up and working at your magnetic wall. Since they’ll be on their feet you will find them more focused and of course, more actively involved.

You’ll find using magnetic paint in your classroom really does make a difference.


Using Magnetic Paint For Adult Learning

Super Magnetic Paint doesn’t have to just be for kids though. It’s also a great way to reinvent teaching for adult education.

Many of those in adult education are those looking to expand their knowledge or change their career path.

Shouldn’t learning therefore be fun? Super Magnetic Paint will make your lessons stand out and can make them extremely versatile.

Why Should You Choose Super Magnetic Paint?

Super Magnetic Paint is very easy to install. You can have four coats to apply in total. Lightly sand between each coat and ensure your end finish is smooth. It’s as simple as that. Check out the full application guide here.

Super Magnetic Paint is a lot stronger than Smart Magnetic Paint. If you are looking to hold up heavy items such as picture frames or something that carries a little extra weight, this is the product for you.

Why Not Have Double The Functionality?

When you’re creating your super magnetic wall, why stop at just the one functionality?

One of the main benefits of abandoning whiteboards and magnetic boards is how versatile you can make your surface. One such way is opting for double or triple functionalities.

This means you can choose from a variety of writable products to make your surface multi-functional. Choose from any of our dry erase range including Whiteboard Paint, Whiteboard Wallpaper or Whiteboard Wallpaper-Low Sheen and create a multi-function surface.
Think Super Magnetic Paint may be the product for you? Then click here.

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