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Last year Johannes Kepler University Linz in Linz, Austria decided that they wanted to create more space for their students to work as a group or independently. The goal was to create an ‘Idea Lab’ that would be an area for thoughts and creativity where groups of students could work together. They wanted this theme, of encouraging ideas, to encompass the entire 24 sq.m area of the room.

The university decided to let ideas for the room come to them by opening up a competition for companies to propose how the university could benefit from their product and/or solution. The entries would need to fit the requirements for the room while remaining unique and creative. The winning entry would be selected and then made into reality within the Idealab.

One of the companies that entered was Smart Wall Paint Austria who submitted the proposal of ‘Minimal White’. This consisted of covering the room in both Smart Wall Paint (Whiteboard Paint) in both White and Clear and Smart Magnetic Paint to create a surface with two innovative functionalities.




Paul, from Smart Wall Paint Austria, also proposed that all of the surfaces within the room, including all walls and furniture, were covered in the products.

This included more traditional surfaces like walls and tables but also some unusual room elements like the window frames and even the heater. Every inch of the room was to be painted as a dry erase and magnetic surface.

By applying the entire room in these products it means there would be no limitations on where you can jot down your ideas and be creative. With so many dry erase and magnetic surfaces to work from it means the room can be used by multiple groups of people at a time. Each group would have their own designated area of use.

Paul and Smart Wall Paint Austria were narrowed down from the list of entries and won the competition meaning that his proposal was then carried out in reality and the room was created. Their idea of using Smart Wall Paint and Smart Magnetic Paint within a project room was successful in fighting off the competition and now their idea has become a reality.

The photos you can view were taken at the grand opening of the room which was attended by many of the members of the university.



The room was opened in October 2016 and since then it has been continuously booked and it has been very successful in helping students find an ideal spot to unleash their creative potential.

Paul has received plenty of very positive feedback from people who have loved using the room. People have been amazed by how useful the room has been and how much help it can add to a student’s idea generation and creative process. They have been astonished with just how much of the room has been covered and the students of the university are thrilled to have a place where they can let all of their ideas evolve.


They were not the only ones pleased with the success of the room. University members, who were there to mark the opening, were very keen to make the most out of the new innovative addition to the university.

Overall the installation of the Smart Magnetic Whiteboard surfaces in the Idea Lab has been a great success for both Smart Wall Paint Austria and the university.



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