Self Adhesive Whiteboard Films: Which Should You Choose?

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Smart Office Films are one of the latest additions to the Smarter Surfaces product range. These self adhesive whiteboard films transform any piece of office furniture into functional surfaces.

Transform doors, desks, lockers, and so much more in one easy application.

We’ve compared all three of our Smart Office Films below so that you pick the right product for your office needs.

Smart Office Film: Dry Erase White

Smart Office Film: Dry Erase White gives you the classic look of a whiteboard surface in the fastest time possible.

All of our self adhesive whiteboard films can be applied in minutes and are ready to use immediately after application.

Why not convert your doors into writable areas? You can write up agendas and calendars where the whole office can see them.

Or you could refurbish your old chalkboards or whiteboards for ghosting-free dry erase functionality.

Choose Smart Office Film: Dry Erase White for writable furniture surfaces with a classic white finish.

Smart Office Film: Dry Erase Clear

With Smart Office Film: Dry Erase Clear, you can add whiteboard functionality to your office furniture while maintaining your surfaces’ original appearance.

With this transparent film, you can keep the original color and design of your office decor while also benefiting from dry erase functionality.

Why not convert your desks into writable surfaces? You could even transform partitions or windows into writable areas too and really make the most of every inch of your office.

Choose Smart Office Film: Dry Erase Clear for self adhesive whiteboard films that blend seamlessly into every environment.

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Smart Office Film: Projector and Dry Erase

Why have one functionality when you could have two? With Smart Office Film: Projector and Dry Erase, you can transform partitions, panels and any smooth surface into projectable and writable areas.

Need to have a meeting but the meeting room is booked? No problem. When you have projectable and writable surfaces, your whole office can be your meeting room.

With projection surfaces you can enjoy high quality projections on your office furniture while avoiding the hassle of setting up projector screens or limiting your presentations to certain rooms only.

Forget note-taking on small whiteboards or notebooks in meetings with whiteboard surfaces. Take your brainstorming to the next level by writing all of your ideas and actions onto your chosen surface.

Once your meeting is finished there will be no need to write out minutes. Simply take a picture of your surface and send to all of your colleagues.

With projectable and writable surfaces you can project and write on the same surface for fully interactive and productive meetings.

Need to brainstorm new website designs or social media layout? Then why not project your website or social media page and write up any changes you would like to make directly onto the projection? This way you can see all of your edits in real time and have a reference picture for the design  process.

Choose Smart Office Film: Projector and Dry Erase for a high quality projection and whiteboard surface in just one application.  

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