Replace Magnetic Boards With Magnetic Walls

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It’s time to update your surface. Make it magnetic.

Are you looking to update your workplace walls with magnetic functionality but don’t want to settle for traditional magnetic boards?

There are plenty of magnetic options to choose from. In this post we’ll show you three high quality alternatives to magnetic boards that you can choose from.

By the end you will know which product is the right one for you.

Replace Magnetic Boards With Magnetic Plaster

The first product we want to tell you about is Magnetic Plaster.

Magnetic Plaster is a two-coat commercial grade plaster that allows you to transform any wall into a smooth and high performance magnetically receptive surface.

Each tub comes ready mixed, saving you this additional step and covers an area of 5 sq.m.

You’ll be able to transform entire walls into magnetically receptive surfaces and will no longer be restricted by the size of magnetic boards.

Are you worried that your surface isn’t smooth? Don’t be. Magnetic Plaster will not only add functionality to your walls but also improve the overall quality of them.

Containing 67% magnetite, this is the highest possible magnetic base product available, allowing users to hang a lot of weight.

Magnetic Plaster is ideal for anyone looking for strong magnetic strength and who wants to improve the quality of your walls.

Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016

Replace Magnetic Boards With Magnetic Wallpaper

Or maybe a magnetic wallpaper, like Magnetic Wallcovering, is of interest to you as an alternative to magnetic boards?

This is a high performance magnetic wallpaper which provides you all the benefits of a magnetic surface AND additional benefits specific to this product.

Magnetic Wallcoverings can be installed rapidly, which saves both you and your installer important time. They are applied like any commercial wallpaper and provide a smooth finish.

Magnetic Wallcoverings are also pre-primed, meaning you can top-coat with any colour of your choice. You can even apply whiteboard paint on top for additional functionality.

Once your magnetic wallcovering is installed, you only have to wait 48 hours before you can use it. Why not get someone in on a Friday evening and by Monday you can utilize your magnetic wall?

Replace Magnetic Boards With Magnetic Paint

What about Magnetic Paint?

Unlike magnetic boards which can appear clunky and often come with an unattractive border, Magnetic Paint is applied directly onto the wall.

Since Magnetic Paint tin sizes specify the area they cover, you will be able to create a magnetic wall as large as you like.

This product is safe to use in all environments, and due to being low VOC and low odour, can be easily applied around people. So there will be little disruption to your working day.

Magnetic Paint has 50% magnetite content which means your wall will have a medium magnetic strength.

You can of course increase this if you want by adding additional coats of Magnetic Paint.

Check out our video here that shows exactly how much you can hold up with this product.

So, now you’ve seen the options it is time for you to select the magnetic product that best suits you. Replace your magnetic boards today.

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