Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dry Erase Vinyl Wallpaper


Interested in adding whiteboard surfaces to your space? Consider Dry Erase Vinyl Wallpaper.

It’s important, when choosing a functional product for your surface that you ask the right questions. There may be things you really need to know. By asking the right questions you’ll know everything you need to know about applying a dry erase vinyl wallpaper.

Keep reading below to find out the questions you should ask about dry erase vinyl wallpapers and we’ll tell you the answers based on our own Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper.

How Do You Apply Dry Erase Vinyl Wallpapers?

Before you make any purchases, one of the best things to check out is how you actually apply your dry erase vinyl wallpaper. This can really prevent any nasty surprises arising when you go to put it up.

Some things you can consider asking are:

  • How should I hang my wallpaper?
  • What adhesive should I use with my wallpaper?
  • How quickly can I use my writable wallpaper after it has been put up?

Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper, a dry erase vinyl wallpaper, allows you to transform any wall into a writable surface. This writable wallpaper can be applied either horizontally or vertically, and can even be applied around corners.However, we would recommend applying the product horizontally. Apply any of our whiteboard wallpaper range with vinyl over vinyl wallpaper adhesive.

What Do Whiteboard Wallpapers Look Like?

Want to find out what your chosen dry erase vinyl wallpaper will look like once it is on the wall? It’s just as important as the functionality.

Here are some of the things you can ask to find out how your product will look on the wall.

  • How will the whiteboard wallpaper look on the wall?
  • What colors do writable wallpapers come in?
  • Are any seams visible after application?

Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper is applied directly onto your wall. This means it is not bulky, like traditional whiteboards. This dry erase vinyl wallpaper is only available in white and fits in seamlessly into any location. No seams will be visible on the wall. Smarter Surfaces has a number of functional wallpapers, these are;


How Well Do Writable Wallpapers Work?

The most important thing about your new surface is whether it works as well as you would like it to.

You’ve put the dry erase vinyl wallpaper up and you like the way it looks, but how well does your product actually work and what happens if it doesn’t?

Questions to ask include; 

  • Does this whiteboard wallpaper come with a guarantee?
  • Is it high quality and non-ghosting?

Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper is a high quality, non ghosting dry erase vinyl wallpaper that comes with a 10 year performance guarantee. Pick a high quality whiteboard product like Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper and transform your surface today.

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