Portafill Makes The Most Of Their Office Space

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Portafill International Ltd is a world leading designer, developer and supplier of a range of mobile screens, crushers, wash systems and conveyors.
The company’s products are used in quarries, sand and gravel pits and landfill sites, where concrete, rubble, asphalt, stone and more can be screened, sorted and crushed. They operate in every continent in the world.

The Challenge

This global engineering company wanted a collaborative space for their employees, but they did not want whiteboards.

The Solution

Smarter Surfaces was happy to help. Check out the new writable walls in all the offices in Portafill. Each wall came with a Portafill branded logo!
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Make the Most of Your Space

How about this for the ultimate space maximisation ? Does your whiteboard go around doors ? With Smarter Surfaces whiteboard paint or whiteboard wallpaper, your whiteboard can be everywhere !
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Products Used

First, apply a coat of white primer. Why ? A primer has two advantages.

1. It smoothens the surface

2. It seals the surface so the next coat sits on the surface rather than being absorbed into it.
Next, apply one coat of our award-winning whiteboard paint in a traditional white finish. This comes in kit format so the roller and tray are included with the paint.
When dry, use masking tape to mark the border area. Paint this in the colour of your choice, using “normal” paint.
The final touch is to add your logo on a sticker to the wall.

Hey presto, you have now got a great looking wall, a modern work-space and maximum working walls.

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