Organize Your Classroom With Super Magnetic Paint

Woman using a magnetic whiteboard wall

The way you organize your classroom can have a huge impact on your workday.

When teaching important lessons, the last thing you should be worrying about is locating important documents or whiteboard markers.

So, how exactly can you get on top of your classroom organization?

One way is by using magnetic walls. You can easily organize notes, student artwork and even whiteboard accessories, all with the power of magnets.

Sound interesting? Then keep reading below to find out how Super Magnetic Paint can help you organize your classroom more efficiently.

Easily Display Students’ Artwork

Drawing is always an easy way to create fun and stimulating lessons. However, hanging up your students’ artwork afterwards can be a hassle.

Using thumb tacks or tape to stick artwork onto the wall isn’t exactly ideal. It can take quite some time to properly attach every student’s drawing and can leave your walls with ugly marks.

With Super Magnetic Paint, on the other hand, you can easily use magnets to stick up any artwork your students come up with.

You won’t have to worry about damaging your walls or spending hours sticking in thumb tacks or cutting strips of tape.

Super Magnetic Paint creates strong magnetically receptive areas, so you can be rest assured that you won’t find any drawings on the floor.

There won’t be any children complaining about lost masterpieces at the end of the school year.

Keep Your Whiteboard Accessories Where You Need Them

You probably spend most of your time teaching up at the whiteboard. Instead of wasting time searching for whiteboard markers and erasers, wouldn’t it be easier to always have everything in the one place?

With a magnetic wall, it’s so easy to do.

Why not add a magnetic strip to your whiteboard markers and erasers? This way you can easily attach them right beside your whiteboard.

You won’t have to search your desk or floor for runaway markers ever again.

Woman at Super Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

Organize Your Classroom With Magnetic Notice Boards

One of the first threats to your classroom organization is the amount of documents you need to keep track of.

From notes sent home with your student’s to important contact details, it is imperative you can easily locate these documents at all times.

Why not create your own magnetic noticeboard using Super Magnetic Paint?

Unlike traditional magnetic boards, you won’t have to deal with a difficult installation process and you have the freedom of creating magnetic areas in any size you desire.

You can even stick up 5 pieces of paper using only one magnet.This way you can group similar documents together by using the same magnet to hold them all up.

You aren’t confined to the parameters of a traditional magnetic board either. Use up as much or as little of your walls depending on the amount of documents you need to organize at any given time.

The power is all yours.

magnetic holding 5 sheets of paper onsuper magnetic paint

Take control of your classroom organization today with Super Magnetic Paint.

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