The Marketing Institute using Smart Wall Paint

The Marketing Institute using Smarter Surfaces Products | Smarter SurfacesThe Marketing Institute is the professional body for Ireland’s marketing people, in operation since 1962. Members of the Institute give themselves the ultimate competitive advantage to perform at the highest level – through access to a wide range of practical marketing knowledge, cutting-edge up-skill training programmes, and from networking opportunities with marketing peers throughout the country.

We recently caught up with their Marketing Communications Executive, to see how the Institute is using it’s dry-erase surfaces.


Where have you used your Smarter Surfaces products?

We initially introduced the dry-erase paint on one of the surfaces in our conference room to try the product out and see how it performed. We were absolutely delighted with the results so during an office revamp, we decided to apply Smart Wall Paint into two other areas – in our membership and events departments.


Can you sum up the product in a few words?

Smart, because it adds functionality to surfaces that were previously useless.

Invisible – it doesn’t distract and blends in nicely within our departments.

Clean, because anything we’ve written can be removed in seconds.

Collaborative as it allows us to work in sync, and lastly a process management tool, which explains itself really!


How beneficial is our product to your company?

The product is great for encouraging members to gather around and plan out activities in a visual way. It’s excellent for brainstorming as it provides us with enough space to all work at the same time.


What were you using before Smarter Surfaces?

We were using whiteboards before, but we are more impressed with the dry-erase paint surfaces as they give us a wider span of area to use for brainstorming and planning activities.

Would you recommend our products to other organisations?

Yes, for sure. The new surfaces are efficient and effortless, and they are providing new uses for surfaces that were previously unused.


The Marketing Institute using Smarter Surfaces Products | Smarter Surfaces

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