Magnetic Writeable Walls in Staff Rooms

Magnetic Writable Walls in Staff Room

Meet St. Mary’s Primary School

St. Mary’s Primary School is a 14 class base primary school with a single nursery unit and two Moderate Learning Difficulty classrooms. Following a £6.8million new build project, the school moved into its new premises on September 1st 2017.

How To Make Curved Walls into Magnetic Writeable Walls ?

However they had a challenge with their new staff room.

They wanted to turn the walls in this room into a large magnetic writeable space.

There was only one problem. The walls were curved. And there were windows too. And they wanted each teacher to have their own dedicated space on the wall.

The curved wall meant that traditional whiteboards and magnetic boards were useless. Anyway, they didn’t want to use those. They wanted a solution that worked the whole way around the wall.

The Solution

Naturally, we were happy to help out.

Check out the new magnetic and writeable walls in the staff room today. No boards, no panels, no clutter. In fact, they look like regular walls.

They may look like ordinary walls but they have extraordinary functionality – you can stick things on them and you can write on and wipe off, over and over again.

Each teacher’s schedule and notes are on the wall, in their dedicated area.

Improved Working Environment

Education Minister John O’Dowd cut the first sod when the building works commenced and commented “this £6.8million investment will soon culminate in a brand new school, which will provide modern, state of the art facilities for young people to learn in and an improved working environment for all the school staff.”

Magnetic Writable Products Used

If you want to achieve a magnetic and writeable wall, choose from the following :

Magnetic base : choose from Smart Magnetic Plaster for the strongest magnetic base. This is most suitable for walls that need to be plastered due to poor or uneven conditions. Alternately consider Smart Magnetic Paint for medium strength magnetically receptive walls.

Whiteboard functionality : choose from Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint in white or clear. Choose Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering for rapid installation with walls ready to use in 24 hours.


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