Magnetic Surfaces: How Strong is Magnetic Paint?

Adding a magnetic wall to your office or classroom is beneficial. It can aid project planning, meetings and lessons.

But different brands of magnetic paint say that they perform differently. So how can you know what to believe?

Magnetic paint on meeting room wall

We are here to help. Below we will tell you everything you need to know about our two magnetic paints: Super Magnetic Paint and Smart Magnetic Paint. This includes how you can use each product, what you can hold up on them and most importantly how strong magnetic paint is.

How Strong Is Magnetic Paint?

With magnetic paint, you can create a magnetic surface in any size you choose. This product has a magnetite content of 55%. This means it has a medium magnetic strength.

Super Magnetic Paint has a greater magnetite content of 60% which means it is stronger than the regular magnetic paint. If you are looking for a stronger magnetic surface, and want to opt for a paint product, this is the one you should choose.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a product with very high magnetic strength, we recommend Smart Magnetic Plaster, which has a magnetite content of 75%.

What Can I Hold Up With Magnetic Paint?

In the following sections, we’ll answer all your questions about the practical applications of magnetic paints – How much can you hold up with it? How many coats do you need to apply? What magnets should you use?

How Much Can You Hold Up With Magnetic Paint?

So, how strong is the magnetic paint? The first thing to remember is that magnetic paint creates a ferrimagnetic surface which pulls magnets towards it. The strength of the magnetic pull is heavily reliant on the quality of the magnets.

A wall painted with regular magnetic paint can hold up to 4 sheets of A4-size paper with one neodymium magnet.

Super magnetic paint enables a wall to hold 5 sheets of paper and the magnetic plaster can hold up to 8 sheets of paper with one magnet.

Depending on the size and quality of the magnet, a wall covered with 2 layers of smart magnetic plaster can be used to hold heavier objects like canvases and television screens.

How Many Coats Of Magnetic Paint Should You Apply?

With Smart Magnetic Paint, you should apply a minimum of four coats to get a functioning magnetic surface. However, if you would like to increase the magnetic strength of your surface, you can add up to seven coats of magnetic paint. Increasing the number of layers after that won’t have much effect on the magnetic pull. You can follow the same rule for super magnetic paint as well. When it comes to the plaster, you need only two coats.

What Magnets Do You Need To Use?

Fridge magnets won’t do it. To get the best out of your magnetic surfaces, you need to use high-quality neodymium magnets. Our smart neo magnets are a perfect fit for your needs. But you are free to use any store-bought neodymium magnet.

Magnetic wall paint office planning how strong is magnetic paint

How Can I Use Magnetic Paint?

So, now you know how strong Smart Magnetic Paint is, how can you use it?
You can transform entire rooms into magnetic surfaces. A magnetic wall is a great tool for meetings, project planning and brainstorming.

Do you want to add writable functionality to your magnetic wall? No problem, check out Smart Whiteboard Paint.

Here are five ways to use a magnetic wall in your office:

  1. Create a giant magnetic noticeboard
  2. Track projects and project progression against timelines and actions
  3. Keep track of important documents by sticking them up on the wall
  4. Share important figures with your whole team
  5. Keep track of monthly targets

Here are five ways to use a magnetic wall in your classroom:

  1. Stick drawings, designs and even equations on the wall with magnets e.g. skeletons for biology, atoms for chemistry, quotes for English lessons, maps for geography.
  2. Create learning walls for students to update their work
  3. Display students’ work.
  4. Recognise and share award-winning projects or performers.
  5. Create an ‘updates’ wall in your staff room for teachers to use

Can I have a digital wall print on a magnetic wall?

Most certainly. The magnetic paint is designed for customization. Once your magnetic wall is dry, you can certainly apply digital wall print on it. We recommend it for creating interesting spaces inside offices. A wall with a digital print of your brand’s logo on which employees can stick updates and informative titbits can be a cool addition to the office decor.

Is it possible to have a magnetic wall in a colour of my choice?

Yes, it is. We’ll walk you through the process.

  • Cover your wall with 4 coats of magnetic paint (wait for each coat to dry before applying the next one).
  • Paint the magnetic surface with a colour of your choice.

That is all. You will have a colourful wall with great magnetic receptibility. If you wish to enhance the functionality of the wall even further, you can add a layer of clear whiteboard paint to the painted wall.

How can I create a magnetic wall without painting it?

Well, you can apply a magnetic whiteboard wallpaper to the wall. It will give you two functionalities – magnetic pull and dry-erase writability.

Finally, how long should I expect the magnetic wall to last?

A magnetic wall created with Smarter Surfaces products comes with a 10-year performance guarantee. So, you are good for at least a decade.

Besides, if you any questions regarding our products? Book a free video consultation today. Talk to us about your goal and our experts will help you find the best product for you.