How To Make Your Office Furniture Writable

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Want a way to refurbish your workspace without having to replace a single piece of office furniture? Then add writable functionality to your furniture.

Make your office furniture writable and you’ll have unlimited spaces to work on. There are even a number of different ways to use them.

Keep reading below to see how you can utilize writable office furniture in your workspace and what products to consider when creating them.


How You Can Use Writable Office Furniture


So first off, how can you use writable office furniture in your workspace? The answer is that there are so many ways and we’ve included some here.

Create writable desks and write your to do list directly onto it. Forget paper, write your notes directly onto your desk. You will reduce clutter, save paper and can simply wipe them out as soon as you are done with them.

Transform lockers into writable areas and each member of staff will be able to write their name directly onto the surface. Or if you are using cabinets for storage clearly mark what is inside them by writing it on the front so everyone can easily located what they are looking for.


Turn Your Office Furniture Writable With Whiteboard Paint


With just one coat of Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear you can add writable functionality to your office furniture. This paint is low odour and low VOC which means it can be easily and safely applied while any members of your team are working in the office.

With Whiteboard Paint in Clear not only can you create a writable surface, you can also keep the original look of you surface.

Please note that when painting Whiteboard Paint in White you must use a water based primer on your surface before applying the paint. You will also need to wait 7 days before using your writable surface in order to provide it time to cure.

Smart Whiteboard Paints come with a 10 year performance guarantee.


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Reduce clutter and save paper by writing on your desk instead.


Turn Your Office Furniture Writable With Whiteboard Films


Or, if you are looking an alternative to writable paints, what about our range of writable films instead?

These self-adhesive films, available in white and clear, enable you to refurbish your office without the need for need furniture. They are extremely easy to apply and can be used instantly. These products have a 5 year performance guarantee and the white version comes with a non ghosting guarantee.

Similarly to Whiteboard Paint in Clear, the transparent version of this film retains the original look of your furniture while also adding writable functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform the way you work with writable furniture today.

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