How to Convert a Block Wall into a Magnetic Wall

How to Convert a Block Wall into a Magnetic Wall

Turning block wall into smooth magnetic wall

We know many of you have internal block walls that look attractive, but cannot be used as they are not smooth. These type of walls are seen a lot in schools and industrial/ office developments.

So we thought we share some information on how to turn your block wall into a smooth magnetic wall.

Stone brick wall red scratches

This works for any rough surface brick block wall.

Poor Quality Brickwork

  • If the brick work is poor simply apply a layer of bonding compound to the brickwork, as this will fill in the heavy gaps in the joints in the brick. Where there are particularly bad areas simply apply a second treatment as required.
  • Those in the construction industry will be very familiar with this product, as it is used in many construction projects as a pre-skim coat treatment.
  • It is a heavy mix and is good at filling in deep cracks if your brickwork is bad.

Magnetic plaster accessories

Good Quality Brickwork

If the quality of the bricks in your block wall is good and the joints are very minor, consider using our magnetic plaster pre-mixed plaster that is applied just like regular plaster. It also happens to be a super strong magnetic compound.

  • First, apply a skimming compound to smooth the surface. This is easily found in any hardware store.
  • Allow the skim coat to dry. If there any bad spots, go back and touch up with a bit more of the skim coat.
  • Next apply one coat of Smart Magnetic Plaster. This contains 67% magnetite and is our most powerful magnetic wall option
  • Please weigh out 1kg of plaster on a weighing scales and apply over an area of 1m² with a plastering blade. This will be a generous layer of Magnetic Plaster.
  • Spread the plaster evenly with a short pile roller sleeve over the 1m² area. Repeat on the next 1m² area)
  • Wait approximately 2-3 hours or until the plaster has become partially dry. Use a rubber float or stainless steel plaster trowel to smooth the surface before it becomes fully dry.
  • If the plaster has stiffened and dried slightly, you can use a light water mist spray to moisten the surface.
  • This will make it easier to smooth the surface again. Allow this first coat to dry for 12 hours before applying the second coat.
  • Apply the second coat of magnetic plaster by repeating the previous application steps. Apply a thickness of 1kg per sq. metre or 1.2mm per coat.

Now you have a magnetic wall!

Magnetic plaster

Choose Your Magnetic Wall’s Finish

Simply topcoat your magnetic wall with a paint colour of your choice, a digital wall print or wallcovering.

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