How To Apply Super Magnetic Paint

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Are you thinking about adding Super Magnetic Paint to your office or workspace?

One of the main questions we get asked before customers purchase our products is how exactly do they apply them? Is it difficult? Are there many complicated steps?

In this post we’re going to show you just how easy it is to apply Super Magnetic Paint to any smooth surface.


Step One: Measure Your Area


Before applying any paint to your wall it is important to carefully measure the area you wish to cover to make sure you have enough product. Each tin of Super Magnetic Paint has enough paint to cover an area of 5m2 / 54 sq.ft with four coats.


Step Two: Prepare Your Surface


Make sure your surface is completely clean and dry before beginning application. Check for any holes or cracks that may be on the surface and if located, fill with decorators filler.

Apply one coat of Smart White Primer to your surface.


Step Three: Stir Super Magnetic Paint


Stir Super Magnetic Paint until the product becomes liquid.


Step Four: Apply Super Magnetic Paint


We recommend you apply four coats of Super Magnetic Paint in order to create the optimal magnetic surface.

Apply with a roller or brush. If using a roller make sure to use a short pile sleeve to ensure your surface has a smooth finish.

Apply the first coat of Super Magnetic Paint as smooth and evenly as possible and allow to dry.


Step Five: Sand Your Surface


Make sure to lightly sand your surface between coats. Once you have finished applying all your coats please ensure that your surface is smooth.


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You can hold up 5 A4 80 gsm pages using one magnet with Super Magnetic Paint


What Else Should I Do?


Once your magnetic surface is applied, leave it to dry for 24 hours before overcoating with a colour paint, digital print or wallcovering. You can even topcoat with any product from our dry erase range.

To get the most out of the your magnetic surface, use neodymium magnets.

And that’s it. In just 24 hours after application your new magnetic surface will be ready to use and enjoy. Super Magnetic Paint is so easy to apply, anyone can do it!

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Smarter Surfaces products are used and trusted by top brands such as Google, Virgin Media and Coca-Cola.

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