Have Chalkboard and Whiteboard Walls In Your Office

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We share a lot of ideas and content with you about how to use our products, so we though that we might show you some ways we use our own products!

Darren Toner runs Smarter Surfaces in Northern Ireland. He installed previous brands of whiteboard paint before switching over the Smarter Surfaces.

Well known in his region for being so creative and helpful to clients with designing amazing magnetic, writable and projector screen walls in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Read this post and this one to see some examples of Darren’s installations for clients.  Most of all, Darren is known for being a terrific guy and we are lucky to have him in our team.

We love how Darren has transformed the plain walls in his workspace to look like this :

Every Wall is Writable and Magnetic

Imagine how much more productive you could be if surrounded by writable and magnetic walls ? See how engaging and attractive this office is.

Whiteboards or Chalkboards ? Have Both !

You don’t have to choose between writable, magnetic or projectable walls. You can have it all! This office is a great example of multi-functional walls can look great whilst giving you and your team or your clients a truly versatile workspace.

We love how the retro chalkboard area complements the more modern writable and magnetic wall on the adjoining wall.


How to Achieve This Look

For a writable and magnetic wall, apply Smart Magnetic Wallpaper and topcoat it with one coat of whiteboard paint.

A more cost effective way to achieve the same functionalities is to use Smart Magnetic Paint and topcoat it with whiteboard paint.

For a chalkboard wall in a black finish simply use Smart Blackboard Paint.

For a magnetic and chalkboard wall in a black finish, install Smart Magnetic Wallpaper or Smart Magnetic Paint, and topcoat with blackboard paint.

For a magnetic area in a green finish, apply Smart Magnetic Wallcovering (pre-primed) and topcoat with any colour paint in the colour of your choice. Alternately use Smart Magnetic Paint, then prime it (to transform the dark finish to a white surface) before top-coating with a paint colour of your choice.

Transform your workspace today with our innovative wallcoverings and paints. The final design is up to you.

If you are based in Northern Ireland, please contact Darren Toner (Darren@smartersurfacesni.com). For all other queries, please contact us on the numbers below.

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below:

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