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It’s one of those products that until you have it, you don’t realise how you ever lived without it. It’s a bit like a television remote control. When they didn’t exist, you didn’t know what you were missing. Once you experience writable walls, you will wonder how you managed without them.

Our award-winning and best selling whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint, should be in every home.

Consider how many times you write notes, use calendars, scribble reminders, keep shopping lists updated, mark birthdays and holidays. Whether it is on diaries, post-it notes, or on scraps of paper, there is a better way to organise your home life.

Simply paint a wall or part of a wall with our whiteboard paint. If you have ever painted before, you can definitely apply Smart Wall Paint. It’s that simple.

Smart Wall Paint is a two part system which means you simply mix part A into part B and stir for 5 minutes.

For your convenience, it comes in a kit format with its own roller and other tools for easy application.

Your whiteboard wall will be ready to use in just 5 days.

Imagine one shared whiteboard area in your home. You won’t need to search through scraps of paper to remember phone numbers or important appointment times. It will all be there on your wall.

Everyone Can Use This Product

Everyone can write and wipe off. You might choose to designate part of the whiteboard wall for different things, like social events, holidays or those missing store cupboard ingredients. Another part can be used to mark your children’s heights or things they need to remember for school. There are so many ways to utilize it.

Organise Family Communications

Or simply let people write messages as and when they need them. “Don’t forget to turn the washing machine on. Can you put the bins out ? Dinner is in the oven. Love you. Have a great day.”  Seeing it up on the wall in large colourful writing will really help to keep it firmly in your memory. After all, with it so clearly displayed there really will be no excuse.

Don’t Worry, They Won’t Write On All The Walls

Worried the kids will write over all the walls ? We get asked this question regularly but it rarely happens. Use border tape or paint a frame around your write-on wipe-off area to clearly mark the writing surface.  (Choose Smart Wall Paint in a clear finish if you want a whiteboard area in any colour. Simply apply the coating on top of your coloured paint or wallcovering or digital print). You can designate it their writing area and that way there can be no possibility of confusion.

Have Fun

It isn’t all about keeping track of notes. Have fun too. Draw noughts and crosses on your wall. Doodle. Invite the whole family to be creative. Leave messages for each other. There are countless ways to enjoy using a writable wall in your home. Everyone in your home can become more organised and most importantly have fun doing so.

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Encourage everyone to write, and read, and to respond to other messages. Why not designate a word of the week and write it up on the wall. Everyone in the family has to try and use it as much as they can and you can record these amounts on the wall. Your kids will be learning at home as well as school and they won’t even realise it.

Declutter Your Home

Centralise and organise your communications. Reduce the amount of paper you are using and become more environmentally friendly with your whiteboard wall. Keeping track of all your notes in the sample place will also reduce the amount of clutter around your home. Throw out all your old scraps of paper, you have a whiteboard wall to use now.

Once you try a whiteboard, you will find it difficult to plan and communicate it without it.

Remember, you can wipe off all the messages for an instant clean white wall.

If you are living in a space that is not your own, the good news is you can simply paint over Smart Wall Paint to restore the wall to a regular wall if you are moving.

For your peace of mind, all Smart Wall Paint kits come with a 10 year performance guarantee. Write-on and wipe-off, over and over again.

Don’t waste another second on tiny notebooks and scraps of paper. A whiteboard wall will help you become more organised, engage your kids and help you become more environmentally friendly.

Find out more about Smart Wall Paint here.

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