Dry Erase Surfaces: Whiteboard and White board Paint Comparison

Wall in office coated in smart whiteboard paint white used in product design

Have you ever thought about adding dry erase surfaces to your workplace or classroom? Maybe you already have whiteboards but aren’t sure if it is the right option for you?

Nowadays there are a number of different dry erase options available for you to choose from, so you might not want to stick with traditional whiteboards. But how do you know which product is the best one for your dry erase surfaces?

In this post we have compared traditional whiteboards with Whiteboard Paint. This is a one coat dry erase solution that enables you to transform your surfaces into writable areas, but is it better for you than a whiteboard?

Keep reading below and find out.

How Can You Create Your Dry Erase Surfaces?

First up, whiteboards. Traditional whiteboards usually require someone who knows what they are doing to apply. Your installer will need to mount the board at a straight angle and make sure it is firmly attached to the wall. These steps may sound different but if your installer is familiar with the process then it can be quite simple.

Write on Wall Paint is incredibly easy to install. Anyone can do it. Simply add your primer to the surface, 2 coats in total, then wait 12 hours and apply 1 coat of your paint. You won’t have to worry about getting an installer either, simply check out the in depth application guide available on our website. It also will be provided in print copy with your writable paint.

How Do You Want Your Surfaces To Look?

One of the most important things you will need to consider when adding dry erase surfaces to your workplace or classroom is how your surfaces actually look. This is one of the main differences between whiteboards and whiteboard paint.

Whiteboards by nature only cover a certain amount of area. This means that you can at times be restricted in space. They usually have a frame which may at times appear bulky if you are looking to add more than one to your walls.

This product can be incorporated seamlessly into your workspace. You can create dry erase surfaces that don’t even look like dry erase surfaces when you aren’t using them. With dry erase wall paint you won’t be restricted to walls either, apply to doors, desks, cabinets and more. This paint is adaptable and can be tailored and sized specifically to fit the area you wish to cover.

What Colors Can You Have Your Surface In?

They don’t always have to be white. With some whiteboard products it is possible to create writable walls in any color you’d like.

While most of the larger traditional whiteboards are available only in white it is possible to get a whiteboard in a different color. However, these often tend to be whiteboards that are smaller and aren’t usually as high quality as some of the others available.

With writable paint on the other hand is available in two colors, white and clear. With the clear option you can top coat any color of paint (except white) and have a writable surface in whatever color you choose.


How Well Do They Work?

You also should ask yourself what do you need your dry erase surfaces for? How often will you be using them and how well do you need them to work?

One of the issues that people sometimes face with whiteboard products is ghosting. This is when markers can not be fully removed from the surface which leaves dark smudges on dry erase surfaces.

Ghosting is more common with traditional whiteboards and often when people can not remove these stains they have to purchase a new whiteboard and begin the process over again. However while it may not be possible to stop ghosting on traditional whiteboards but you can keep your dry erase surfaces in better condition by cleaning them regularly and using high quality whiteboard accessories.

With writable paint you’ll have a much higher quality whiteboard surface and you’ll receive a 10 year performance guarantee. You should also use high quality accessories with this product. For a completely non ghosting product, choose Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper.

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