Why Do You Need Modern Dry Erase Surfaces in a Workspace or Classroom

In today’s fast-paced world, visual collaboration and brainstorming are key to success. Modern dry erase surfaces offer a sleek, versatile, and eco-friendly solution for sparking creativity and keeping everyone on the same page.

Whether you’re a business professional, educator, or simply someone who thrives on organization, a dry erase surface can transform your workspace or classroom. Here’s how these innovative surfaces can empower you.

Wall in office coated in smart whiteboard paint white used in product design

The Power of the modern dry erase surfaces

  • Boost collaboration and brainstorming: Modern dry erase surfaces provide a platform for everyone to contribute and collaborate. It can make your team meetings or classroom lessons much more effective. Imagine sketching ideas, jotting down notes, and building upon each other’s thoughts – all on a shared canvas. This interactive approach creates a dynamic environment where innovation thrives. Be it a classroom, or an office.
  • Enhance communication and visibility: Want to improve team communication? Use modern dry erase solutions to create an expansive whiteboard surface. It’ll become a central space for sharing crucial information. Project plans, meeting notes, or key deadlines – everything can be displayed clearly without any space limitations. This ensures everyone is on the same page, promoting transparency and a collaborative work environment.
  • Unleash creativity and flexibility: Dry erase surfaces aren’t confined to traditional whiteboards. With dry erase whiteboard paint, you can transform any unused space into a creative hub. Even the wood or glass partition in your school can turn into a platform for creativity. Imagine sketching mind maps directly on the wall, or creating designated dry erase zones for specific teams in the office. This flexibility allows you to design a space that inspires out-of-the-box thinking and caters to your unique needs.
  • Effortless organization and planning: Visualizing tasks and schedules on a large dry erase board surface brings clarity and focus. You can put your to-do list or vital notes right on the board. It will keep your desk organized and the visual reminder won’t let you miss out on anything important. Assign specific areas on the whiteboard for each project and track them with ease. A visual representation will also help you to polish your plans to perfection and ensure that everything works as expected.

Choosing the perfect dry erase surface solution

Finding the ideal dry erase surface solution depends on your specific needs and workspace. Here’s a breakdown of the common options:

Traditional Dry Erase Whiteboards

Pre-made dry erase whiteboards are a classic choice but they come with several limitations. They might be useful to an extent but not the most convenient solution for any modern setup.

Regular whiteboards have only limited space and any large-scale installation can be quite expensive. Plus, they are space-consuming and offer no customization options. On top of it all, typical whiteboards suffer from ghosting and need regular maintenance.

DIY Dry Erase Paint

For a truly customized space, explore the magic of dry erase paints. Products like our whiteboard paint allow you to transform any smooth surface into a giant, writable whiteboard through a simple DIY application.

That means you can convert not only walls but also a concrete, glass, or wooden surface into a high-quality functional whiteboard without any professional help.

This opens up endless possibilities – brainstorm on a designated wall section, create dedicated dry erase zones for different teams, or even paint an entire conference room for maximum creative freedom. They do not ghost or leave stains behind and the best thing, they need no upkeep.

Our DIY dry erase paint for walls offers excellent customization options too.

We have white, clear, matte, and antimicrobial whiteboard paints. While the white variant creates a surface that looks like an in-build whiteboard, the clear variant creates a transparent whiteboard coating on any surface without changing the base color.

The matte whiteboard paint applied surfaces double as a projector screen apart from an effective dry erase board. And, the antimicrobial variety comes with anti-microbial properties, making it an ideal surface collaboration solution in schools and healthcare sectors.

Other Modern Alternatives: Dry Erase Wallpapers and Films

Dry erase wallpapers and films from Smarter Surfaces offer a fantastic alternative to traditional whiteboards. The wallpapers, available in customized sizes, can be applied on any smooth surface over a layer of adhesive. It takes only 24 – 48 hours of curation time for the surface to turn into a diy dry erase board.

Our whiteboard wallpapers come in regular and no-sheen options. The regular Whiteboard Wallpaper creates a no-ghosting writable surface, while the low sheen variant is used for creating a dry erase surface with bright and sharp projection screen performance.

The self-adhesive whiteboard films take the flexibility even further by letting you turn any furniture surface into an effective diy dry erase board. Options are perfect for creating dry erase surfaces on desks, doors, or even cabinets. They’re easy to install and create dry erase board surfaces instantly — ideal for dynamic workspaces, schools, and homes.

Our whiteboard films are available in three variants — white, clear, and a multifunctional, low-sheen projection whiteboard film.

Maintaining your modern dry erase surface for optimal performance

Keeping your dry erase surface in top condition ensures smooth writing and a clear, vibrant display. The best thing, all our dry erase surface solutions — dry erase paint for walls, dry erase wallpapers, and films are low maintenance.


Just take care of a few basic things, and your dry erase surface will provide uninterrupted service for years.

  • Install as instructed: You must install or apply our whiteboard paints, wallpapers, or films exactly as instructed to get the best service.
  • Use the right marker: Use only good-quality, non-permanent, dry erase markers on the surface to ensure easy cleaning and long service. If you use a permanent marker ever by mistake, remove it only with our Permanent Marker Remover.
  • Use the right eraser: It’s imperative to use only the best dry erase surface eraser or a microfiber cloth. Always keep it clean. For everyday maintenance, you might use a good quality dry erase cleaner.

Conclusion: embrace the power of dry erase

Modern dry erase surfaces are a game-changer for workspaces and classrooms. They support collaboration, enhance communication, and unleash creativity in a fun and interactive way. Our dry erase board surface solutions are the best in class and come with years of brand guarantee.

So, if you are ready to transform your space, explore our wide range of dry erase solutions available. If you’re unable to find the best dry erase surface solution for your needs or need assistance, book a free-of-charge video consultation today.