Ditch Your Whiteboard For Whiteboard Paint

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You love your modern office but not the whiteboard on your wall?

Why use a small, stained whiteboard in your office or for your meetings? Are you running out of patience with flipcharts, never being able to explore one idea further than a page?

Forget about them. 2018 is the year for updating your surfaces.

What you need is whiteboard paint.

Whiteboard paints, like Smart Wall Paint, can transform entire rooms into large dry erase surfaces. It’s time to abandon those out of date flip-charts that belong in the 1970s.

Why have that?BLOG IMAGE 1

When you can have this


After all, You don’t serve this at a dinner party :


But how can whiteboard paint really benefit you? Find out by reading below.

Revolutionize Meetings

Get everyone on their feet with Smart Wall Paint. You can all work on the wall together choosing actions, planning and writing up ideas.

Want to change something? No problem! Just wipe and start again. Once you’re done, just take a photo and send to everyone involved.

It’s as simple as that.

With a whiteboard wall you’ll have entire rooms to explore your ideas. You certainly can’t do that with an old whiteboard, can you?

Increase Communication 

Without the limitations of whiteboards. you can think big.

Modern organisations value communication and collaboration.

So why not use entire walls for design, planning and brainstorming? You’ll be able to see the big picture on your wall.

Whole teams of people can work at the same wall. They’ll be able to explore a number of problems and communicate the best solutions. Then wipe it away easily for the next team.

Everyone will want to use it.

Become Agile

Be more efficient with your time.

Skip printed agendas, just write it up on the wall instead. The next wall can be dedicated to actions and timelines.

Become More Environmentally Friendly

Save trees by going paperless and stop it clogging up your printer. Write on your walls instead.

Everyone will be focused on the one wall and not looking down at their notes.

Want to bring your office into the future?  You know what to do.

Ditch your whiteboards and install whiteboard paint today.

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Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016

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