Create Your Own Brainstorming Wall

Create your own brainstorming whiteboard painted wall

There are plenty of teams working on plans this week at the Innovation Factory. They had their Smarter Surfaces whiteboard wall installed earlier this year. One of these teams is from Tour Ticket Ireland.

Following the launch of their new website, they are busy planning.

In any business, this step is essential. Whether you are planning around innovations such as a new website like Tour Ticker Ireland, or a new product, or if you are planning for normal business activity such as annual or quarterly business plans, financial plans, sales plans or content plans, consider what planning tools you and your team use.

In our experience, anyone who uses a very large writable surface, really enjoys it and works, plans and brainstorms better. Many of our customers are repeat purchasers as they want their writable walls each time they move or expand work or learning spaces. Once you use a large writable area, you won’t go back to old and traditional ways of working.

Forget whiteboards and flipcharts. Why limit your thinking on small working areas. Our number one company value is “Think Big”. To “Think Big”, you need a big wall.

See how the writable surface in the co-working space “Innovation Factory” looks.


Can A Yellow Wall Be a Whiteboard Wall too?

The simple answer is yes. You can have a whiteboard surface in any colour with our clear whiteboard coating.

It’s really easy. Simply apply one coat of this award-winning product on top of any paint colour – or even wallcovering or digital print.

Write on and wipe off, over and over again.

Enjoy peace of mind with a ten year performance guarantee that comes with all our whiteboard paint kits.

Innovation Factory Smarter Surfaces whiteboard painted wall

Choose Whiteboard Paint or Wallpaper

It’s time to remove outdated and small whiteboards. Modernise your workspace with dry erase wallcovering. Measure the area you want and order by metre to your exact needs.

Unlike traditional whiteboards, our whiteboard wallpaper comes with a no ghosting guarantee and is ready to use in 24 hours or as soon as the wallpaper adhesive is ready to dry.

Choose whiteboard paint if you can wait for 7 days for this specialist coating to fully cure, although it will be touch dry in 5 hours.

Tour Ticket Ireland is an innovative and dynamic company, organising, and developing visitor experiences, so that our customers, can experience the brilliant sights, locations and attractions that the island of Ireland holds. Their ethos is built on the values of trust, honesty and service, which make our tours unique, authentic and fun, so that customers can embrace the amazing friendliness and spirit of our people during your tour.

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Innovation Factory Smarter Surfaces whiteboard painted meeting room wall