Create A Social Media Wall With Magnetic Paint

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Looking for a new way to plan your social media content and make the most of your space?

Why not create a social media wall using Smart Magnetic Paint?

There are so many ways you can utilise the magnetic functionality to help with planning and collaboration.

Check out some of our suggestions below.  

Create a Calendar the Size of your Wall

With Smart Magnetic Paint, you can forget about the size restrictions of notice boards and instead focus on creating a calendar the size of your entire wall.

With all that space, you can plan out all your activity for your week or even month.

How efficient is that?

Uses for Magnetic Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces

See Content Plans at a Glance

Mapping out your social media enables you to have an overall picture of your week or month.  In fact, everyone in your team or company can see the content plan at a glance.

Match Images to Posts – Quickly and Easily

So you have lots of ideas for your social and blog content. They are all scheduled. Great!  But how do you manage your images for social and blogging ?

With a magnetic wall, we simply identify relevant images for each post, and stick them to the correct day in our social calendar, with magnets.

Then we simply stand back, and look at our social calendar on the wall. In one glance, we can see not only posts, but also the range of images selected.

There is no better way to check for product range breadth, for colour variety, for – in our case – the right balance of images of our products being installed vs. being used.

We can also check for no duplication of images being used in the month. And we can quickly glance to see if our latest customer photos or new product shots have been included.

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Get Everyone Involved

By having all your content on a wall, everyone can contribute ideas at any time. If you or your sales team think a customer comment is worthy of a blog post, they can add a note about it  to the content calendar in seconds, without consulting anyone.

Your customer service team might like to use a frequently asked question (with the answer!) as a social post. From a lightbulb moment to adding it as a suggestion to a content calendar now takes seconds and without any meetings.

How agile is that?

You can plan your posts in advance, and won’t need to come up with new content every day.

Manage your Social Media Budget

Planning ahead also means you can better allocate your social budget throughout the month by marking it up on the wall.

Check out the photo below to see our example of a social media wall.


As you can see, not only does using a magnetic wall make the whole process easier, it also allows you to make any changes you need to with little effort.

Want to find out if magnetic paint works, then click here.

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