Brainstorming with Smarter Surfaces Products

We love our products for so many reasons. Our writable, magnetic and projector screen paints, wallpapers and films transform workspaces. Not only do offices and classrooms look fantastic, they can become much more fun and modern environments to work in. So we thought we would share with you some of the ways we use our products for brainstorming.

As an entrepreneurial business, brainstorming is an important part of how we work. Frankly, we don’t know how anyone can brainstorm without our products.

Lets look at some of the ways we brainstorm using our products.

Big Ideas Need a Big Space

This large meeting room has one wall that is an entire whiteboard surface. It works brilliantly for teams who have been set a task or brief to brainstorm about.

We organise by teams randomly as we find that cross-departmental thinking can produce some great results.

In this brainstorming activity, the teams picked different parts of the wall to work on. As whiteboard walls invite stand-up thinking and writing, you can see the energy in the room.

Any idea that comes to mind from any team member is immediately captured on the wall.  The team can then, as a whole, discuss each idea and rub off the ones that don’t make the cut.

One huge advantage of transforming regular walls into whiteboard walls with Smarter Surfaces is that you can use the entire wall. See this pic where people are writing at lower level and mid lever areas of the wall.

Benefits of Brainstorming Using an Entire Wall

Working on a wall is so much more fun that sitting down slumped at a table.  You can appoint scribes to write on the wall, or assign roles or give everyone a marker. Its up to you.

Transform Your Own Writable Wall

For projects that need rapid installation and need to be ready to use within 24 hours, chose Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering. Available in two sizes, 5m and 10m coverage, this product also offers a non-ghosting guarantee

If time is not so important, Smart Wall Paint is the choice for you. With a drying time of approximately 5 hours, you must wait 7 days for the whiteboard specialist coating to fully cure before use.

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