Anyone Can Install These Functional Products


So you want to add magnetic, whiteboard or projection functionalities to your office or school and would like to do it yourself, without calling in the professionals ? No problem. Try our functional products.

All of our paint products can be used by anyone. Most of our customers leave plastering and wallpapering to the trade experts, but that’s up to you.

You could transform your working space with either Smart Magnetic Paint or Super Magnetic Paint for a magnetic finish, Smart Whiteboard Paint in white for a traditional finish, or Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear for a dry erase surface in any color.

Check out all the functional products you can install yourself below.

Make a Magnetic Surface With Functional Products

Choose Smart Magnetic Paint or Super Magnetic Paint. Both products are easy to apply and create high quality magnetically receptive surfaces. They are  low VOC and low odour paints that you can paint around people with no consequences.

First of all we recommend 3 coats of Smart Magnetic Paint for a magnetic pull. If you wish you can apply upto 7 coats for extra magnetic strength. For Super Magnetic Paint you will need to apply 4 coats, but the application process is the same for all coats. These functional products are very easy to install.

Finally, bear in mind that the finished dry surface colour will be mid-grey due to the magnetite content in the paint. Topcoat paint with any regular paint in the colour of your choice.

If you plan to install a wallpaper or digital print or a map for example on top, do choose one with a thin layer, so you don’t reduce the magnetic strength of the base magnetic paint.

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Create Whiteboard Surfaces in White With Functional Products

Choose Smart Whiteboard Paint in white and create high quality writable surfaces.

The good news is that this is a one-coat paint. Measure the area you want to transform into a whiteboard wall.

In our experience, its best to paint an entire wall or offices as whiteboard walls are used by everyone.

Prepare the surfaces as you would for any paint. Clean, sand, remove dust, apply masking tape around borders and light-switches, protect the floor, and you are good to go.

There are just three important things to remember about applying this coat to guarantee optimum dry erase performance.

  • If painting onto a colored or new or absorbent surface, prime the surface first, with Smart Primer in White. You must install a primer before whiteboard paint in order to successfully create your whiteboard surfaces as it covers up any base colours as it is in a white finish. Above all it seals the surfaces so the whiteboard paint sits on top of the surface rather than getting absorbed into it.  You want the properties of the whiteboard paint to stay on the surface.
  • Don’t stretch the paint beyond the recommended area. If you thin the coating, dry erase performance will be affected.
  • Do use a new brush or roller (included with your purchase). Smart Whiteboard Paint reacts badly to water. This is why we include a roller with your paint. Do not use a roller or brush that has been cleaned with water because it will negatively impact application. 

Make Whiteboard Surfaces in Any Color With Functional Products

Did you know you can have a whiteboard surface in any color? You can with Whiteboard Paint in Clear. This coating can be painted over your chosen paint color, or wallpaper or digital print, for a great looking surface that is also dry erase. Please note: Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear should not be used over  a white surface as therefore the color will tinge yellow.

This works in exactly the same way as Smart Wall Paint White. If you are applying Smart Whiteboard Paint Clear on top of a new or absorbent surface, do use our clear primer first.


It’s Easy To Create A Projection Surface

There are plenty of functional products to choose from when creating projection surfaces in your office or classroom and we have three projection paints for you to choose from. Smart Projector Screen Paint, Smart Projector Paint Contrast and Smart Projector Paint Pro.

Each option is a terrific solution to transform a wall in your office, school or home into a projector wall. No more screens, no more clutter and no more hanging around for set-up time. A projector painted wall is always on!

Projector Paint Pro is the best performing projection product in our range. Projector Paint Contrast is ideal for gaming or creating a home theater. Smart Projector Screen Paint is ideal for day to day projection needs.

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Combine Functional Products To Create Magnetic Whiteboard Surfaces

It’s just as easy to create magnetic whiteboard surfaces with functional products, you just need a little more time.

Think of Smart Magnetic Paint or Super Magnetic Paint as a base coat and Smart Whiteboard Paint as the top coat. Therefore all you have to do is combine the application steps of both and make sure to optimise drying time, then you’ll have your magnetic dry erase surfaces.

All you need now are some neodymium magnets and some high quality dry erase markers and you are all set.

In conclusion you have a great looking wall that you can stick onto and write on created with high quality functional products. How will you use your magnetic writable wall?

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