5 Things You Need in Your Home Theater

Going to the movies is one of those activities that just doesn’t grow old. There’s just something special about sitting in the pitch black, seeing the picture flash across the big screen in front of you, with surround sound transporting you into the scene. While this experience is often reserved for going out to the theater, if you have a spare room in your house, you can easily bring this experience home with a few modifications.

If you’re considering transforming your extra room into a home theater here are five things you need to get the best experience possible.

Soundproof Your Space

One of the best parts about the theater experience is get completely transported into the scene. Hearing outside noises will dampen your theater viewing experience. Therefore, you want to take adequate measures to soundproof your home theater. The first step in doing this is to make sure you have carpeting installed. You could even consider lining your walls with the same carpeting as your floor.

It is also helpful to make sure your walls are insulated to further block out noise. Soundproofing is not only helpful at keeping the noise out, but it also keeps the sound in too. This can minimize any disturbance to others in the house when the theater is in use. In other words, taking the time, money, and effort to properly soundproof your home theater is a win-win.

Proper Lighting Makes All the Difference

Home theaters are best set up in rooms without any windows so the natural light doesn’t disrupt the viewing experience. If your room has windows, you can also take care of the natural light with blackout curtains. When it comes to installing lights in your home theater you want to keep it soft and you want to make sure there isn’t any glare on your screen. This makes recessed lighting a good choice.

Another option is to use LED strips around the perimeter of the room. This can help you and your guests see to get around the room while the movie is playing without distracting from the movie itself. Plus, they also provide enough light to see your snacks too.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

When you’re watching a movie, the last thing you want is to be distracted by being uncomfortable. You want to carefully pick out the furniture for your home theater, making sure it is comfortable. Test each piece before you make a final decision to make sure it won’t make you or your guests uncomfortable.

Another important point regarding furniture is to consider who is going to use the theater. Are you all single or like your own space? Then separate loungers may be a good option. Are there several couples that will be using the space? Then you may want to consider getting section seating or love seats instead. Think about how to maximize the comfort of your home theater through the styles you pick (as well as the fabrics you select).


Have a Bar In Your Home Theater

What’s a movie or a game without snacks and drinks? Save space in your home theater to install a small bar or kitchenette. This will give you the space you need to serve snacks and drinks in the theater so you don’t have to keep running to the kitchen, missing the big play. There are countless bar designs you could install in your home theater, but it’s important to pick something that is durable.

Chances are you are going to be distracted by the movie or game, so you want something you don’t really have to think about. In such cases, using a natural stone countertop like marble is a good option. Marble counter-tops cost between $40-$100 per square foot plus the cost of installation. However, if you’re on a budget, you may be able to get and use a remnant piece that suits your needs for a bar or kitchenette, for a discounted rate. A marble counter-top will be durable, suitable for the needs of a home theater, and will also give a timeless look to the space.

Use Great Tech

No matter how beautifully designed your home theater is, your experience depends on the type of tech you use in the space. If you choose to use a high-end large screen TV, then you want to make sure that you wall-mount it and hide the wires. While many people do use TVs in their home theaters, why not opt for an alternative? Try Smart Projector Paint Contrast? This product has been designed to optimise the home cinema experience. It absorbs certain light which enables the user to achieve greater definition on darker images. It’s low cost and high quality.

Projectors can often give you a larger screen, enhancing your viewing experience. You also want to make sure you have access to high-quality Blu-ray players or a system that links to one of the many streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV, etc. Once the picture is taken care of, consider the sound. Surround sound is a major part of the movie viewing experience.

Therefore, you want to have a high-quality surround sound system installed. A good system will include a sound bar, subwoofers, and rear speakers. Many systems are now wireless. However, if you choose a wired system, just make sure the wires are hidden to keep your space looking neat and professional.

Make a Plan For Your Home Theater

Now that you know what you need, you want to make a plan before you actually get started. Having a plan in place will help you avoid any mistakes in terms of buying too much furniture for the space, making a bar that is too big, not being able to see the screen from every seat. Always keep in mind how the space will be used and if the end goal (viewing movies and the game comfortably) is being achieved.

With a plan in place, you can begin transforming your extra space into the home theater you’ve always wanted.

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