3 Ways to Use Magnetic Writable Walls

3 Ways to Use a Mag Writable Wall

Here are just three ways for you to use a magnetic writable walls. The War Room idea comes from a customer (a large multi-national food manufacturing business) and the other two ideas are how we use our walls. Read on for inspiration and think of how you can use your magnetic writable walls :


1. War Room : An Entire Room Becomes Magnetic and Writable

One of our customers, a multi-national food manufacturing company, has created a War Room with our  magnetic writable products.

The War Room uses the principles of lean management, an approach to running an organisation that supports the concept of continuous improvement. (It is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes, which require “incremental” improvement over time in order to increase efficiency and quality).

Every wall in the War Room is a writable magnetic surface and there are no desks or chairs in the room.People from each department can go into the room and adjust the information about their department’s performance.

At the end of each day, the MD visits the room. At a glance, he can tell what is going on in the business. 

Imagine seeing what is going on in your business, by using your magnetic writable walls.


2. Customer Logos on Your Wall

This is a simple but truly effective idea. Use your walls to write up customer names (that’s the dry erase part!). Also use the walls to print out your customers’ logos and home pages from their websites (that’s the magnetic part).

We do this weekly in our office. It’s a way to connect our staff to our customers. They love to see the variety of our customers updated each week. It creates a buzz in the office and a sense of fulfilment of known brands and innovative organisations.


3. Social Media Planning Wall

Use a Magnetic Writable Wall to Create a Social Media Calendar

Most businesses use social media these days. If you are not one of them,  you are probably thinking about it.

Writing one post on facebook or twitter or linkedin is straight forward enough. However it gets complicated when you start to consider all the platforms you are active on. Whether you plan, write and / or schedule your posts and activity a week or a month ahead, you need to consider how you will do that. There are lots of calendars available from a variety of sources online, but why not create your own ?

Consider creating a writable magnetic wall. This allows you to write out each month and its dates and days, as a framework for creating your monthly social calendar. If you have a large space, why not create a quarterly social media calendar ?

After you brainstorm ideas with your team (or yourself!), simply write the post title or theme on the day it will go live. Use magnets to attach photos to go with each post.

How simple and effective is that ?

At the month end, simply wipe off, write up the new month days and dates and you are ready for a new month.

Has anything here sparked your imagination ? To achieve your own writable magnetic wall, combine dry erase wallcovering or paint, on top of magnetic plaster or paint.

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