Smarter Surfaces Go Surfing!


Smarter Surfaces Goes Surfing for Fun25

Some of our team enjoyed a surfing weekend in Ireland’s beautiful Lahinch Beach in County Clare on the west coast of Ireland and close to the world famous Cliffs of Moher.

Company Values : Relationships & Fun

As an entrepreneurial company, we identified Relationships and Fun as two of our company values way back in our early days. Those company values are still cherished by us for our team and our partners and customers all over the world.

We work hard together and we believe its also important to have some fun time outside of the office. It makes working together easier and strengthens communications. This means everyone wins, including our customers.

Sandra, eCommerce and Sales Manager, organised our first ever surfing weekend, including lessons for first time surfers. We had a fantastic weekend !

Building Company Values Through Surfing5


International Team

Kate from our Logistics Team said that when the surfing instructor asked everyone to introduce themselves,  it was a reminder of how international we are,  as our staff represent 11 countries.  It really helps to appreciate differences in culture and behaviour when we are working with each other and our global customers.

Caoimhe from our Content team was surprised to find out warm the Irish Sea was – with a wetsuit of course – and how surfing can lend itself to sore shoulders.

Aimee from Sales said to was great to enjoy a weekend with colleagues as friends. She also said she wants more weekends away, but without the exertion of surfing.  (Lets see what we can come up with.)

Next month we are kayaking on Dublin’s river Liffey as a company outing for fun and relationship building. We will share how that goes.  After that, the Irish weather will probably dictate some indoor activities for other team building and fun activities. (Phew ! I hear some of you say……)

Read more about our company values which also include Think Big, Ethics and Respect and Customer Service.

All in all, it was a great experience in a beautiful location. Well worth some sore muscles and a dip in the Irish Sea !

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