Hospitality Customer Case Study: Melia Hotels

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In our contemporary globalised world, it’s important to understand what we have in common with people from different backgrounds. A great place to see this in practice is in hotels geared to the international traveller. This includes Melia group’s Innside brand of hotels focused on the business traveller.

Few places, and few clients, reflect Smarter Surfaces’ global growth  – now with markets in over 30 countries worldwide –  more than Melia’s chains in the hospitality sector,  which use our products in Big Ideas Need Big Spaces conference rooms, and as aids to internal communication.

Melia currently uses Smarter Surfaces’ Smart Magnetic Paint in six of their hotels, at Palma de Majorca, New York, Manchester, Leipzig, Frankfort and Hamburg, and are planning to introduce Smart Magnetic Plaster and Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering as well in the near future, into both these and other hotels in their chain.

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Hospitality And Communicative Aspects

Innside’s PR Department, told Smarter Surfaces that Melia wanted to emphasise the communicative aspect of these products for their customers, especially, “for our main focus in future, business.”

In each of Innside’s hotels there is a mixture of three or four general meeting rooms and a Big Ideas Space which gives customers flexibility to discuss new ideas, have brainstorming sessions and business meetings with a more informal atmosphere. Smarter Surfaces’ products are used in these Big Ideas Spaces spread over 50 square metres of wall space, which provides a huge area of opportunity.

These spaces are laid out as contemporary-designed domestic interiors, “living rooms in the hotel,” as Sophia puts it.

The amount of space available, and the extra flexibility which Smart Magnetic Plaster and Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering will provide allow for a big plus in the Spaces: the opportunity for customers to meet other potential business partners who may have the same interests as themselves, and where new business relationships could be developed. “We regard Smarter Surfaces products as a USP for us,” Sophia says.

Communication is key in any business, it is how we get anything done. Melia are the perfect example of a company working in the hospitality industry who not only want to communicate with their clients but also with each other. By embracing communication as a key aspect of their business, Melia will continue to be as successful as ever.

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