Whiteboard Ideas: Transform Chalkboards Into Whiteboards


Tired of the old chalkboard in your classroom or meeting room? Thinking about an upgrade? Then maybe you should consider one of the whiteboard ideas we have included below.

Unlike traditional chalkboards, whiteboard alternatives are dust free, can be any size or shape you want and can come with a 5 or 10 year guarantee.

Think this sounds interesting? Then check out some of the whiteboard ideas included below for inspiration you can use to update your walls and transform them into whiteboards.

Whiteboard Ideas: Transform Chalkboards With Whiteboard Paint

So, the first set of whiteboard ideas we have include Smart Whiteboard Paint.

What is Whiteboard Paint and how can you transform your chalkboard into a whiteboard with it?

Whiteboard Paint is a one coat whiteboard paint that transforms any smooth surface into a writable area.That means you don’t have to just update your walls. Why not add a coat to your work space or classroom tables as well?

In this case we’re talking about how you can update your office or classroom chalkboard and it is easier than you think. Check out the steps below.

Whiteboard Paint Application Steps

1: Prime

Prime the chalkboard using 2-3 coats of primer (until the black colour is completely hidden).

2: Sand

Lightly sand between coats with sandpaper

3: Paint

Apply Smart Whiteboard Paint as per instructions provided in your kit.

With whiteboard paint in white or clear your whiteboard walls can be whatever size you want and whatever colour you want. The choice is yours.

You don’t get that kind of flexibility with a chalkboard.

How To Put Up Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard Ideas: Transform Chalkboards With Whiteboard Wallpaper  

But before you decide to add Whiteboard Paint to your surface, there are other whiteboard ideas to consider. Why not try Smart Whiteboard Wallpapers?

We have two writable wallpapers in our range Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper and Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper-Low Sheen.

Whiteboard Wallpapers are a great choice for anyone who is looking to update their surface quickly. Whiteboard Wallpapers can be rapidly installed and are ready to use in just 24 hours. That’s 6 days quicker than Whiteboard Paint.

Whiteboard Wallpapers are extremely environmentally friendly products as unlike  chalkboards, you won’t have to worry about dust getting into the air during use.

They are also certified against fire. See more about our product certifications here.

But when considering any of these whiteboard ideas you’ll want to know how easy it is to transform your chalkboard into a whiteboard. The steps for using whiteboard wallpaper are included below.

Whiteboard Wallpaper Application Steps

1: Measure

Measure the dimensions of your chalkboard. If it has a border or a protection edge, add 2cm on all sides to your measurements.

2: Cut

To cut the right size of whiteboard wallpaper, use scissors, and do it on the floor (or a table if you have one large enough). Cut a piece of whiteboard wallpaper to your measurements (including the 2cm if necessary).

3: Stick

Apply heavy duty adhesive to the chalkboard (follow manufacturer’s instructions). 

You do not need to apply the adhesive onto the wallpaper.

4: Apply

Attach the wallpaper to the chalkboard. Use a wallpaper spatula to push the material into the edge trim. Use a sharp knife or blade to cut any excess material.

Whiteboard Ideas: Transform Chalkboards With Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films

The last of the whiteboard ideas that we will be including in this post is updating your surface with a whiteboard film. This one is self-adhesive.

There are three self-adhesive whiteboard films to consider when looking to update your chalkboard. Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film – White, Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Film – Clear and Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Film- Low Sheen.

These products can transform desks, partition walls, panels, lockers and of course chalkboards.

Self Adhesive Film Application Steps

1: Measure

Measure the dimensions of your chalkboard. If it has a border or a protection edge, add 2cm on all sides to your measurements.

2: Cut

To cut the right size of your self adhesive whiteboard film, use scissors cut a piece of film to your measurements (leave 2cm of excess product around the edge).

3: Installation

Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Films are self-adhesive, with a removable backing. Follow the correct directions provided in the application guide that accompanies Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films.

Whiteboard Ideas: Which Solution is Right for You ?

All of the whiteboard ideas included above work very well. Your choice of wallpaper, paint or whiteboard film will most likely depend on timelines as well as budget and product preference.

Take a look at all the details included above, or visit our website to learn more about these products and find out which one is the right one for you.

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