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Smart Magnetic Plaster

  • Smart Magnetic Plaster is a two-coat high performance commercial grade plaster that allows you to transform any wall into a smooth and high performance magnetic surface.

    Containing 67% magnetite, this is the highest possible magnetic base product available, allowing users to hang a lot of weight. It is suitable for use in commercial as well as residential settings and is particularly suitable for improving poor quality surfaces.

    Smart Magnetic Plaster comes pre-mixed and is applied just like any standard plaster.

    Simply topcoat with a paint colour of your choice, a digital wallprint or wallcovering.

    Free Delivery Available      10 Year Guarantee

  • Coverage: Our 10kg tub covers an area of 5m² / 53ft². .

    Ready to Use Product :  This is a pre-mixed, ready to use product and does not need to be diluted with water or any other fluid.

    Application : Smart Magnetic Plaster is easy to apply and smooth using a rubber float or trowel. All of our products come with step-by-step application guides.

    Undercoat : Prime the surface first with Smart Primer.

    Topcoat : Paint over Smart Magnetic Plaster in any colour of your choice,  or put a digital print or wallcovering on top.

    Ready to Topcoat :  After 24 hours.

    Environmentally Friendly : Solvent free and low odour.

    Usage : Suitable for interior and exterior use. 

    Free Delivery Available      10 Year Guarantee

  • Can Smart Magnetic Plaster be applied on any surface? Yes.

    How is Smart Magnetic Plaster  applied ? Exactly the same as any regular plaster product. Watch step-by-step video application guide. Read or download step-by-step application guide.

    What can I put on top of Smart Magnetic Plaster  ? Just like any plaster, Smart Magnetic Plaster is a base product.  Topcoat in the colour, design or pattern of your choice. Use paint, digital prints or wallcovering for a great finish as well as functionality.

    What type of magnets can be used with Smart Magnetic Plaster? Use the strongest possible magnets for best performance : neodymium or rare earth magnets. Choose Smart Neo Magnets from our accessories section.

    For more information, see our  full FAQs section.

    Free Delivery Available      10 Year Guarantee

  • Get Even More Functionality !

    To add dry-erase functionality in traditional white, topcoat with dry erase paint or dry erase wallcovering.

    To add dry-erase functionality in any colour or design, apply dry erase paint in a transparent finish on top of your chosen paint colour, digital print or wallcovering.

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