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  • Smarter Surfaces magnetic chalkboard paint and primer bundle

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

  • Magnetic Chalkboard Paint kits combine magnetic paint with chalkboard paint to give you a surface that is both writable and magnetic, in a traditional blackboard / chalkboard finish.


    Save when buying multiple products

    Create a magnetic, dry-erase surface of any size and shape in black

    Environmentally friendly as low odour and low VOC. Safe to use in homes, schools and offices.

    Eliminate hanging chalkboards and metal sheets

    Best for modern and clutter-free environments who prefer a retro surface.

    Suitable for classrooms and lecture halls, cafes, bars and restaurants, hotels and conference centres, leisure facilities, meeting rooms and offices, playrooms and home offices and much more.

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  • Topcoat Smart Magnetic Paint with the ever popular blackboard paint for an easy to use solution that turns smooth surfaces into magnetic and blackboard surfaces.

    The Smart Magnetic Chalkboard offer covers 4m². 

    This pack includes: Smart Magnetic Paint, Smart Chalkboard Paint & Smart Neo-Magnets (2 included to get you started). 

    Anyone can apply.

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  • What surface can I apply Magnetic Chalkboard Paint onto? Use on any smooth surfaces. For indoor use only.

    What accessories can I use to write on my blackboard surface? Use like a normal blackboard. Use standard chalk and chalkboard markers to write on your surface.

    How should I clean my blackboard surface?  Clean with a regular blackboard duster, micro fibre eraser cloth or Smart Sponge. A chalky residue will remain when cleaning with a dry cloth. This can be removed by using a damp cloth. 

    What type of magnets can I use ? Smart Neo-Magnets or rare earth magnets should be used as these are the strongest available

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