Upgrade Your Promotions With Versatile Whiteboard Walls


Various companies have expanded their modes of communication, especially with advances in technology.

Now, everyday we see promotional content whether it’s displayed on a poster, a large billboard or presented on social media.

Advertisements that use visuals and text have become an integral part of our everyday lives, with the latter having the most impact.

This is because we tend to prefer images over words as our brains process them faster.

As a result,  using visuals in promotional material is gaining popularity, with new emerging design tools that make it easier to create content that stands out. Your own wall can be an example of this.

How do you achieve this?  Just make the surfaces in your workspace writable and you’ll have a canvas for creating all sorts of eye-grabbing visuals to help your audience understand the services that you provide.

For inspiration on how you can use your wall this way, continue reading.

Develop Fantastic Visuals For Communication

With visuals being the cornerstone of promotional content, writable walls are a great addition to your toolkit.  

Sketch out different designs on your dry erase surface. These can be changed easily with the write-on-wipe-off functionality. Just rub out any mistakes or portions that you want to amend before applying the corrections.

Each design can be tailored to a different purpose. For starters, you could show off your company’s success to visitors with visual representations of customer logos.

Then you can make your visuals more compelling with additional imagery like Infographics. These can be used to show your current performance along with your future goals.Try adding in some text as well by writing down positive customer comments.

Now visitors and people from other departments can see that your company has had a visible impact on the industry.

As you can see, writable walls are a fantastic tool to make promotional imagery. You get virtually unlimited space to create images that can be wiped away easily with no ghosting.

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Use Your Wall To Create Social Media Content

Social media is a tool that has worked really well for getting a message out to a wide audience, especially when the right visuals are used. Writable walls are perfect for this purpose.

Planning a new product launch? Draw details about the new addition to your range and include some text that encourages people to comment. Then, when people answer the call-to-action, you can reply to them and provide more information.

This works great for demonstrating that you want to have a dialogue with your customers which will make your company more memorable.

If you’ve got a knack for combining creative visuals and text, then you’ll get a lot of use out of writable walls.

You don’t need much, just develop your idea and get your camera ready to shoot or record.

We have designated a part of our own office walls for content creation. We drew pictures to take photographs. We also recorded videos of images being created on our walls. Afterwards, the content was uploaded and shared on our social media channels.

With dry erase functionality, you now have an additional visual storytelling tool that works well for spreading messages widely to a large audience. What’s more, writable walls can even be used to enhance customer engagement.

Using our Paints and Wallcoverings to turn your walls into dry erase surfaces will allow you to improve the way you promote your company visually both online and offline.  

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