Update Your Office For 2019: Part 1

Looking to update your office in 2019?

Want something that looks good but can help the way you work too?

Functional surfaces are your answer.

There are a number of functionalities to choose from. Check out our suggestions on how you can update your office in 2019.

How Should You Update Your Surfaces

Looking to make your meetings more effective? Want to cut down on the amount of paper used and go green?

Why not try a whiteboard surface?

There are a number of products available to fit your need, such as Smart Wall Paint and Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering. You can check our comparison of the two products here.

But you want to know how writable surfaces can benefit you.

Let’s start with whiteboard.

Writable Office Desks

Try writable desks. Make your workstation into a functional dry erase area which is not only handy but also good for the environment.

You’ll never need to worry about searching through post-its or sheets of paper.

You’ll be clutter free and able to work in a much tidier and organised area.

Don’t just stop at your own desk, why not update the one in your meeting room too? It’s a great way to make meetings more effective. Write out agendas on your surface and strike them out as they are completed.

When you finish you can simply wipe them away and start afresh.

It’s how we do it in our office. Why not do it in yours?

Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016

Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

Is your notebook looking dated?

Do you want something more stylish and professional to impress clients as they walk into your office?

Why not create a magnetic whiteboard wall instead?

Just paint it with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. Or if you are looking for the strongest magnetic performance, consider Smart Magnetic Plaster instead.

With a magnetic and dry erase surface, you can create a noticeboard that is the size of your whole wall. Keep track of projects and plans.

It’s a great way to improve internal communications in your company.

Install a magnetic whiteboard wall in your meeting room and watch the big picture come together.  You’ll be able to write directly onto the surface and stick up important pieces of paper with magnets.

There are so many ways that you can update your office in 2019. This is only the beginning.

Watch out for the second part of our ‘Ways to Update Your Office in 2019’ coming soon.

Have a look at some of our customer case studies involving whiteboard paint here and here.

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