Unique Whiteboard Walls With Clear Whiteboard Paint

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So, you’re thinking of adding whiteboard functionality to your surfaces. We think that’s a great idea.

Whiteboard surfaces are an amazing tool that can help you plan, organize and visualize all of your projects without limiting yourself to the small confinements of a traditional whiteboard.

Today we’re going to be discussing the different types of whiteboard surfaces you can create with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

With our clear Whiteboard Paint you won’t have to sacrifice your interior design for functionality.

Sound interesting? Then keep reading below.


Colorful Unique Whiteboard Walls


The great thing about our clear whiteboard paint is that it’s, well, clear! This means you can topcoat any colored surface, apart from white, with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear for a custom colored whiteboard wall.

Check out digital agency Big Pixel Creative. They wanted the benefits of whiteboard surfaces but didn’t want to change their office color scheme. Enter clear whiteboard paint.

In just one coat, Big Pixel Creative was able to transform their dark grey walls into unique whiteboard walls.

Now they use luminous markers on their walls for whiteboard surfaces with a fun twist.


Big Pixel Creative use colorful markers on their dark grey whiteboard wall.
Big Pixel Creative use colorful markers on their dark grey whiteboard wall.


Whiteboard Walls On A Digital Print


Did you know that you can even topcoat digital prints with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear? Well you can, and it’s a great way of enhancing your personalized surfaces with functionality.

You can add clear Whiteboard Paint on top of Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base for a digital print with both magnetic and whiteboard functionality.

Breedon did just that when they were operating a take-over of another company.

They printed the new company logo onto our Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base and top coated with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear, which they then installed in the 4 spaces they were taking over.

This allowed staff to write or post up any queries they may have during the take over process, allowing for clear communication during a transition period.


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