Why Should You Transform Walls into Working Surfaces?


Are you using the most of your existing space ? Think of walls, desks, doors, corridors, entire meeting rooms, cafes even. Are you making the most of your space ? It’s time to transform your walls into working areas.

Read below and think about how you could work and communicate better with your team and your customers.

What Surface Can You Transform ?

Transform any smooth surface into a working surface for dreaming, doodling, imagining, brainstorming, noting, scheduling and designing.

Your team will love it and your clients will thank you for it. Sometimes the best ideas come from informal conversations or cross-departmental meetings, or even over lunch. You don’t know where and when the best ideas will emerge.

Make your workspace suitable to encourage people to communicate together so all ideas can be captured.

Consider walls, meeting rooms, conference rooms. What about desks ? Where do people work throughout your workspace ? What about corridors for feedback walls ? Where do people congregate in your workspace ? think of cafes, kitchens and water coolers where people be more relaxed. Create a social calendar. Note staff birthdays or key company dates. Create a doodle wall.

Create a New Product Ideas wall. Where do customers typically visit ? reception areas, corridors, meeting rooms. Stick your awards, certificates and staff pics with magnets to a magnetic wall. This will allow for easy updating without damaging the wall.

Create hubs, brainstorming, planning, designing and doodling hubs. You don’t have to name these zones. Just make every surface ready for collaboration between work colleagues, lunch buddies, and customers and clients.

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What Functionality do you Want ?

Once you have identified the surfaces you can optimise for communications and productivity, next think about the functionality you want ? Consider dry erase, magnetic and projection screen surfaces. Or any combination of those three.

Magnetic and writable walls are very popular for working, teaching and learning. Everybody needs a projector wall for presentations or after-work gaming or a team movie night. Writable desks are so useful in meetings and in classrooms. The possibilities are endless. Pick which functionalities suit your needs.

What Products To Choose ?

When you have chosen the surfaces you want to transform, and the functionality you want on each, your final decision is to choose between our functional wallcoverings, paints or films. Each has their own price points and benefits.

Most people choose wallcoverings for speed of use if you are up against tight deadlines, and if you have a professional installation team available, and a large area to cover.

Choose paints if you want wait a few days for our specialist coatings to fully cure and if you have time to apply several costs (differs per product).

Films are easy to apply, self-adhesive, and can be used immediately on application. They also don’t need professional installation.

Our innovative products will change how you work and you will see the benefits. What surfaces can you transform ? Start today.

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