Top Uses For Projection Surfaces

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Are you considering adding projection surfaces to your office or home?

Why not try Projector Screen Paint?

This product is a low cost alternative to traditional projection screens, prevents hot spotting AND when not in use will look like just any of your other walls.

Find out some of our top uses of Projector Surfaces by reading below.

Projection Surfaces For Presentations

Want to improve the visual quality of your presentations? Projection Surfaces are for you.

Projector Paint has a high Light Reflective Value which means it is designed specifically for projection. You can learn more about it here.

It also does not allow for hot-spotting. This means everyone you are presenting to will be able to see the projected image clearly.

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Home Cinema

Nowadays trips to the cinema can be really expensive. First you pay for your ticket and then your snacks. It can all add up.

Why not install your own home cinema instead?

You can cost-cut and project films directly onto your wall. You won’t be restricted by screen size, like you would with a television. You can turn your entire wall into a projectable surface.

Gaming Events

The gaming community is continuously growing. Many gamers are now getting  together to play multiplayer games.
So how could you improve the experience? We think a projection surface is the best solution.

Since the whole wall will have the image projected onto it, gamers will be able to stay fully immersed in what they are playing.

Parties And Events

When it comes to hosting a party at home, we have seen projector paint used very creatively, especially at seasonal events like the Superbowl, Oscar nights,etc.
It’s also possible to sync music and sound effects to correlate with videos and animations to provide guests with a truly unique audio-visual experience.

This provides everyone a more engaging and fun viewing experience.

Now you have read our favourite uses for projection surfaces, why not show us how you use your projection walls?

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