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Interactive and engaging classes are a great way to help students learn important skills like teamwork and problem solving.

However, this can be challenging as increasing class sizes make it difficult for teachers to speak with every student and cater to their individual needs.

This is why turning your walls into functional surfaces is the next best thing for your classroom for either writing, projecting, or both.

Sounds incredible, but how can this be achieved?

Read on and see how our functional paints and wallcoverings can be used in your classroom.

Provide A Boundless Space For Project Work

A point worth repeating is that Smart Wall Paint and Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering turn the entire wall into a whiteboard, providing unlimited writing space.

This removes the height restrictions and size limitations normally posed by whiteboards. Now, you and your students can use the entire wall – from floor to ceiling.

An example of writable surfaces in use comes from Souda VGS.  This is a vocational school in Norway where the staff  turned their classroom walls into whiteboards to revolutionise the way they teach.

They started installing whiteboard paint in 2014  and, to date, they have added dry erase functionality to the walls of 25 classrooms, each of which could be used for different purposes.

For example, one teacher wrote a problem in the middle of a wall and two groups of students worked at the two different sides to find a solution. This not only encouraged more teamwork in the classroom, but it also helped to make classes more flexible.

As can be seen, Smart Wall Paint is an excellent way for teachers to use their walls to engage with their students.

Give students unlimited working space with a dry erase surface  and you’ll have everybody raising their hands.

Teach Creatively With Multiple Functionalities

With a writable wall, you can go beyond traditional teaching methods and innovate to get around certain challenges.

This worked well for Johnny Corcoran, a graphic design teacher from the Irish Deaf Society.

He turned his wall into a dry erase surface with Smart Wall Paint and then projected an image onto it to deliver lessons. Not only could he tell his class where to look without walking back to his computer repeatedly, it was also possible for him to jot down bullet points on the dry erase surface.

This allowed for everything to be demonstrated on the wall while students wrote their own notes.

Now, although Smart Wall Paint was used in this example, you can get even better projectable and dry erase functionality with Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering. This product is built specifically for screening images onto the wall while also enabling you to write on it.

When you give your walls a function, be it dry erase, projectable or both, it breaks down several obstacles, allowing for more creative teaching styles.

Improve Schedules And Staff Meetings With Writable Walls

Another way whiteboard paint and wallcoverings can benefit teachers is that they can be installed in staff rooms to improve meetings and make scheduling easier.

Smart Wall Paint and Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering can be applied to smooth surfaces on flat or curved walls.

As a result, all teaching staff can have a space of the wall. These can be used for writing down schedules and important notices, all without panels and boards, reducing clutter.

St Mary’s Primary School took full advantage of this benefit by making their walls both writable and magnetic. This helped them in more ways than one.

Firstly, they were able to get around the problem of their walls being unsuitable for whiteboards due to being curved since Smart Wall Paint can be applied to any smooth surface, regardless of its shape.

Then, they applied Smart Magnetic Paint as a base coat before applying a coat of Smart Wall Paint to make the walls both writable and magnetic.

As a result, each teacher had a section that could be used for notes or putting up schedules. This helped them keep everything organised, allowing for an improved working environment.

With this in mind, it is clear that functional walls pave the way for better organisation of tasks as well as providing opportunities for more more unique styles of teaching.

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