Why Should You Transform Walls into Working Surfaces?

Are you using the most of your existing space ? Think of walls, desks, doors, corridors, entire meeting rooms, cafes even. Are you making the most of your space ? It’s time to transform your walls into working areas. Read below and think about how you could work and communicate better with your team and […]

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4 Reasons To Add Writable Desks To Your Classroom

Adding whiteboard surfaces to your classroom can be a great way to get your students more involved in lessons. We aren’t just talking about walls though, why not try writable desks? By adding Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear you can change the way you teach and also help you classroom to become more environmentally […]

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Using Functional Surfaces At Your Event

Have you got an event coming up? Want a way to keep your visitors engaged? Consider trying functional surfaces. There are plenty to choose from, magnetic, dry erase and projection. Check out some the ways that we think you could include functional surfaces at your next event by reading below. Create An Event Feedback Wall […]

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Unusual Ways To Use Writable Surfaces

Think you know all the ways you can use a writable surface? Then think again. When adding a functional surface to your space there really are unlimited ways to use them. In previous blogs we’ve discussed the more traditional ways to use a writable in your office or classroom, but there are some more unusual […]


You Can Motivate Your Sales Team With Writable Walls

Looking for a way to keep the sales team in your office motivated? Want to reach your revenue target even earlier this year? Then why not try adding writable walls to your work space.  It’s important to keep your sales team invested and motivated to meet their individual and team targets. Keeping employees engaged with […]

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We Have A Whiteboard Product For Everybody

Not sure which whiteboard product is the right one for you? Well, we have a dry erase solution for everyone. Paints or wallpapers, there is plenty to choose from. Need a writable surface in a hurry? Want one in any colour you choose? No problem. Keep reading below and find the perfect whiteboard product for […]


3 Ways to Use A Writable And Magnetic Wall

Does your meeting room need an upgrade? Thinking of replacing your office whiteboards and magnetic panels with functional surfaces? Then check out three ways to use a writable and magnetic wall in your space. Simplify Planning with a Writable And Magnetic Wall Launching a new product? Using a writable and magnetic wall is an easy way […]


Transform Any Wall into A Functional Surface

Check out a recent Smarter Surfaces project at the Momentum group.  An award-winning company that specialises in Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits for forward-thinking businesses, Momentum’s business growth meant that they needed a a new space for new hires.  The top floor of their office building was converted from an attic into a new workspace. […]

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Classroom Refurbishment Ideas: Magnetic Writable Surfaces

 Creating a classroom refurbishment plan for the new semester? Then take a minute to think about what elements of your teaching space can actually help with the way your students learn.  One of the teaching methods that are becoming more and more popular is introducing whiteboard or magnetic surfaces into your teaching spaces. This can […]


Why You Should Add A Dry Erase Coating To Your Office Walls

Trying to find new and inventive ways to work in your office? Then why not try adding a dry erase coating to your walls.  There are so many ways that you can incorporate writable surfaces into your work day. From presentations, to project planning to meetings, the ways are endless.  Want to learn more about […]

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