5 Things You Should Know About Writable Wallpapers

Are you thinking about adding some whiteboard surfaces to your office or classroom? Why not consider writable wallpapers? They are high quality whiteboard wallpapers which can easily transform your walls into dry erase areas. We have two writable wallpapers in our range, Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase. Want to […]

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Upgrade Your Promotions With Versatile Whiteboard Walls

Various companies have expanded their modes of communication, especially with advances in technology. Now, everyday we see promotional content whether it’s displayed on a poster, a large billboard or presented on social media. Advertisements that use visuals and text have become an integral part of our everyday lives, with the latter having the most impact. […]

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Interesting Uses For Our Products

We know that most of our end users use our writable, magnetic and projector products for regular day to day work and learning activities. These might include project management and planning, brainstorming and meeting, presenting and collaborating. But from time to time, customers share other ways in which they use our products. Here are some […]

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Ready To Update Your Chalkboard into A Writable Wall?

Whether you work in an office or classroom, chalkboards can really look out of place in a modern space. It’s time to ditch these dusty whiteboard alternatives and bring a fresh writable surface into your workplace. While you’re at it, why not just make your entire wall writable? Think that sounds too good to be […]

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5 Reasons To Turn Your Wall Into A Whiteboard

Tired of your office whiteboards being limited in size? Want to add functionality to your space but don’t want it to look out of date in comparison to the rest of your office? Then turn your wall into a whiteboard instead. A whiteboard wall is a modern and interesting alternative to traditional boards and can […]

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Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster

 Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster Every Time So your wall is uneven or of poor quality ? A coat of plaster will smooth and strengthen it out for you. Consider using magnetic plaster instead of regular plaster. Magnetic plaster is a super strong magnetic compound that will also smoothen the wall and you or your client […]

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What to Hang On A Magnetic Wall

We love our magnetic walls at Smarter Surfaces.  Here are just some ideas of what to hang on your magnetic wall. If you don’t have a magnetic wall, you could be missing out on communications, productivity and fun ! Use magnetic paint or plaster from Smarter Surfaces. Watch out for our new magnetic wallcovering too. […]


Why Businesses Use Whiteboard Surfaces As Brainstorming Tools

Have you ever considered adding writable surfaces to your office? They are a great way to improve meetings, explore ideas and are especially beneficial as a brainstorming tool. There are plenty of products you can choose from to create your whiteboard surface. Below we will discuss the various ways you can use writable surfaces as […]

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How To Use Projection Walls In Your Office

When trying to find the perfect functional surface for your office,  it’s important to look at all the options : whiteboard, magnetic or projection. In previous posts we have discussed a number of ways to use magnetic and whiteboard walls. But what can you do with projection walls? There are endless possibilities. Keep reading below […]

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What Is In Your Smart Wall Paint Kit?

When you buy our award-winning whiteboard paint did you know it comes in a kit, so you get lots of extras as well ? This saves you money and gives you the main tools you need to apply. You only need to make two decisions when considering how you will create your dry erase wall. What […]

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