Top Tips and Tricks for Using Your Whiteboard Wallcovering or Paint

Transforming your workspace into an area of increased productivity and creativity with a whiteboard surface is easier than you think with our innovative products. Read below for some top tips and tricks for using our whiteboard products. Organisation  The addition of a whiteboard surface to your office means less clutter and mess, allowing you to […]

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Which Whiteboard Alternative Should You Choose?

  There are so many benefits to replacing traditional whiteboards with whiteboard surfaces. Installation is often quicker and easier, and you aren’t limited by size. But, with so many whiteboard alternatives available, you may be wondering which product would best suit your needs? Well, worry not. Today we’re comparing whiteboard paints, whiteboard wallcoverings and whiteboard […]


5 Things You Should Know About Writable Wallpapers

Are you thinking about adding some whiteboard surfaces to your office or classroom? Why not consider writable wallpapers? They are high quality whiteboard wallpapers which can easily transform your walls into dry erase areas. We have two writable wallpapers in our range, Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase. Want to […]


Office Whiteboard Ideas: Traditional Whiteboard Alternatives

You’ve decided that you want to add dry erase functionality to your workspace. That’s a great choice. Having whiteboard walls can be really beneficial to how you brainstorm, project plan and even how you organise your day. But if you don’t want to opt for a traditional whiteboard you may be considering other office whiteboard […]

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Install Your Functional Wallcovering Horizontally

So you have made the decision to buy whiteboard or magnetic or projector wallpaper. Congratulations. That’s a good investment in updating your work or learning space into a modern and collaborative environment, that can have an instant effect without blowing budgets. Next, consider how you might use this newly transformed space. Lots of Users ? […]

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Top Tips for Installing a Functional Wallcovering

Read below to discover our top tips for installing functional wallcoverings and wallpapers to your surface. Measure Consider the area in which you want to install the wallcovering. Do you want to cover an entire room, an entire wall, part of a wall ? Consider hanging the wallcovering horizontally in one long strip around several […]


Make The Most Of Your Meeting Room With A Dry Erase Wall Covering

Have you thought about upgrading your meeting room? There are a lot of ways to maximise your space and make your meetings more productive and get more done as a team. For example, why not try a dry erase wall covering.  There are a number of different products to choose from in our range including […]

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Save the Children Canada: CSR Case Study

Save the Children is a world leading independent organisation for children. They strive to give children an environment in which human rights and needs are protected. They contacted us through Smarter Surfaces Corporate Social Responsibility programme, looking to bring create a whiteboard wall with our whiteboard paint in their offices. They applied our award-winning whiteboard […]

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Interesting Uses For Our Products

We know that most of our end users use our writable, magnetic and projector products for regular day to day work and learning activities. These might include project management and planning, brainstorming and meeting, presenting and collaborating. But from time to time, customers share other ways in which they use our products. Here are some […]

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Break The Mould, Teach With Writable Walls

Interactive and engaging classes are a great way to help students learn important skills like teamwork and problem solving. However, this can be challenging as increasing class sizes make it difficult for teachers to speak with every student and cater to their individual needs. This is why turning your walls into functional surfaces is the […]

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