Convert Your Chalkboard Into a Whiteboard Wall

Tired of your old chalkboard? Looking to improve your space? Why not update your old dusty chalkboard to a sleek and modern whiteboard surface. Many of us have nostalgic memories of chalkboards from our school and childhood days and it seems there is still a huge fondness for these traditional products today. Chalkboards are being […]

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Make The Most Of Your Walls With Magnetic and Dry Erase Wallpaper

Are you looking to add functionality to your surface? How about magnetic and whiteboard? Sure, you can layer certain products over one another, or opt for out of date whiteboards and magnetic panels, but why not try magnetic and dry erase wallpaper instead? Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Magnetic and Dry Erase is a dual functionality wallpaper […]

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How Digital Agencies Use Magnetic Dry Erase Walls

So, what can you do to ensure you are always producing the best work possible? Instead of changing what you do, why not change how you do it?   We believe that magnetic dry erase surfaces are key to getting your best work done and are a great addition to any marketing office. Keep reading […]

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Unique Whiteboard Walls With Clear Whiteboard Paint

  So, you’re thinking of adding whiteboard functionality to your surfaces. We think that’s a great idea. Whiteboard surfaces are an amazing tool that can help you plan, organize and visualize all of your projects without limiting yourself to the small confinements of a traditional whiteboard. Today we’re going to be discussing the different types […]


Add Functionality To Your Walls With Magnetic Dry Erase Paper

Are you looking to add functionality to your workspace? There are plenty of ways that you can do it. But how do you know which functionality  you will get the most out of? Is it magnetic, whiteboard or projection?   Well, what if you didn’t have to choose? What if your surface could have all three? […]

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Using Smart 3-in-1 Wallcovering In Your Classroom

Do you use whiteboards, projector screens or magnetic/notice boards in your classroom? If so, you might be wondering how efficient these items really are? They all provide you with valuable functionalities, but can also take up room and are limited in both their size and the ways you can use them. Wouldn’t it be easier […]

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Optimize Learning with Projection and Dry Erase Surfaces

Trying to make the most of your limited classroom time can sometimes feel like a never ending battle. How do you keep your students’ attention during lessons?  Well worry not because today we are sharing with you how projector and dry erase walls can optimize any and all learning environments. Keep reading below to see […]

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Why Add Whiteboard Functionality To Your Office Walls?

Have you considered adding whiteboard functionality to your office walls? There are plenty of ways to do it and plenty of products to choose from. Check out why you will want to choose whiteboard walls for your office by reading below. Create Whiteboard Functionality With Paint Or Wallpaper At Smarter Surfaces, we have a range […]

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How To Add A Whiteboard Wall To Your Workspace

Think it’s time to update your office? Consider adding functionality to your surfaces. There are plenty of choices, magnetic, projection and dry erase. You can even transform a whole wall into a whiteboard wall with Dry Erase Paint. In this post, we’ll show you just how easy it is to add a whiteboard wall to […]


Competitive Advantages To Choosing A Dry Erase Wall Covering

Have you been considering adding whiteboard surfaces to your office or classroom? There are plenty of products you can choose from to create them. Having whiteboard walls can be really beneficial to any working or learning environment. So why not opt for creating your surface with a dry erase wall covering like Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper […]

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