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Whiteboard Walls That Go Around Corners

Make the most of all of your surfaces with Smarter Surfaces products. In this blog post, we look at three different whiteboard walls that go around corners! There are many reasons that whiteboard wallpaper and paint are so much different and better to traditional whiteboards. Firstly, you can create a whiteboard area of any size […]

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Why Add Whiteboard Functionality To Your Office Walls?

Have you considered adding whiteboard functionality to your office walls? There are plenty of ways to do it and plenty of products to choose from. Check out why you will want to choose whiteboard walls for your office by reading below. Create Whiteboard Functionality With Paint Or Wallpaper At Smarter Surfaces, we have a range […]

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Magnetic Whiteboard Wall: Which Products to Choose

Thinking of adding magnetic or whiteboard functionality to your walls? Why settle for just one when you could combine the two and create your very own magnetic whiteboard surface? In today’s blog we will discuss the different types of magnetic whiteboard walls you can create with Smarter Surfaces products. Why Choose A Magnetic Whiteboard Wall? […]

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3 Reasons To Love Smart Magnetic Paint

Thinking of adding magnetic functionality to one of your surfaces? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s blog we discuss 3 reasons why we love Smart Magnetic Paint, and why you will too. No Need For Professional Installation You read that right. Our magnetic paint gives you the freedom of creating magnetically receptive […]


Which Products Can You Topcoat Your Magnetic Surface With?

Do you have a magnetic surface in your workspace? Adding magnetic surfaces to your environment can help you optimize your organization and planning, transforming the way you work. But why have one functionality when you could have two, or even three? Today we’re going to talk you through the how to’s and benefits of adding […]

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Have You Seen Our Brand New Website?

After almost 18 months of intensive planning and programming, we are delighted to unveil our brand new, completely redesigned website at www.smartersurfaces.com End-users can buy our writable, magnetic and projector screen wallpapers, paints and plaster which we and our partners ship all over the world everyday. Which Functionality Will You Choose ? Our products are […]

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Layer Smarter Surfaces Products For More Functionality

Did you know that you can layer some of our products on top of another to achieve your desired functional wall ? This blog post looks at some of our most popular product combinations. Get a Writable and Magnetic Wall in White Layer Smart Wall Paint on top of Smart Magnetic Wallcovering The Magnetic wallpaper base […]

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Check Out Our Dry Erase Product Range

Looking to update your office walls or classroom with whiteboard functionality? At Smarter Surfaces, we have a dry erase product for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for in a whiteboard surface, we’ll have an option for you. Keep reading below to find the dry erase product that fits your needs. Want An Award Winning […]

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We Have A Whiteboard Product For Everybody

Not sure which whiteboard product is the right one for you? Well, we have a dry erase solution for everyone. Paints or wallpapers, there is plenty to choose from. Need a writable surface in a hurry? Want one in any colour you choose? No problem. Keep reading below and find the perfect whiteboard product for […]

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How To Refurbish Your Old Office Whiteboard

Whiteboards have become a staple addition to any classroom, office, and even homes over the years. However, over time they can become stained from all the writing and erasing.  This ghosting and staining can take away from the neat and uniform look of a whiteboard surface so read below for solutions on refurbishing your old […]

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