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Choose Magnetic Paint Over Magnetic Panels

Once you start using magnetic boards or panels, it’s hard to imagine office life without them. But did you know about magnetic paint? This is just one of the “functional paints” (we term all of our paints and wallcoverings “functional” as they each add a function to the wall. Choose from whiteboard, projector or magnetic […]

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Whiteboard Wallpaper: Does It Work?

Previously in our ‘Does it Work?’ series we have looked at Smarter Surfaces’ functional paints and plaster. This time we are discussing our whiteboard wallpaper. What is Whiteboard Wallpaper?  Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering is a functional wallpaper that transforms your surface into a whiteboard area. All in one easy application. This is a high performance, […]


Work Better with Smart Wall Paint

Technology is getting better at a rapid pace. New inventions are making almost every aspect of our lives easier. This is something that Smarter Surfaces has achieved with Smart Wall Paint. As a result, Smart Wall Paint has become a technological advancement in itself. It has helped many companies, both large and small in different […]

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Stand out from the Crowd with Whiteboard Paint

Keeping people up to date is extremely important. This is especially the case in schools and workplaces. Thankfully, technological advancements has made communication much easier. However, phones can’t get the message across in every environment. So why not try Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, for a new way to communicate with others. Any Wall […]


How Event Organisers Use Smarter Surfaces

  Event Feedback Wall Create a large event feedback wall where visitors can write their comments on the show throughout the day. As an event organiser, you know that any area of interactivity draws a crowd. You can also use these comments throughout the day to feed your social content of what is going on […]

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Revolutionise teaching with Smarter Surfaces

Traditionally, with blackboards, whiteboards or flip-charts, the focus of teaching was just one way: from the student, narrowly, towards the teacher at the top of the classroom or lecture theatre. Now, thanks to Smarter Surfaces, that focus can change to one which surrounds teaching of the student on all sides, allowing him or her to […]

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Light Reflective Value: Smart Projector Paint

Whether you are playing games, watching movies at home or facilitating regular meetings you will be looking for a surface to project upon. This choice leaves you with a number of areas to consider, such as what product to choose, the cost and many many more. This article deals with just one of the areas […]

Tools for Working On the Go

Tools for Working On The Go

Nowadays, many jobs involve frequent travel and working on the go. Today we’ve shared our four favourite tools for making life a little bit easier when working away from the office. Google drive: First up, we have one of the most useful online tools available right now. Google Drive allows you to collaborate with colleagues […]

Tools to Improve your Workspace

Tools to Improve Your Workspace

Nowadays, the average working week equates to almost forty hours. If you’re spending that amount of time in an office or at your desk, it’s important to ensure your environment is optimised for productivity and comfort. Today we’ve shared our favourite tools that can improve your workspace.   Ergonomics: If you spend your entire day […]


Case Study: Compare your Office with these Innovative Gamers

How does your office space compare with these Innovative Gamers? Pixel Federation was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to browser-based, mobile and tablet game development. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, they employ over 180 game enthusiasts. The gaming company has multiple Smarter Surfaces products installed around its office, and put them to use regularly, creating […]

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