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Whiteboards V Smart Wall Paint Clear

Writing on whiteboards is a way of life in every office all around the world. But did you know you can have a whiteboard surface in any size ? what about in any colour ? When you hear “whiteboard”, this is what most people think of : Whiteboard Walls in Any Colour Would you believe […]

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Greentown Environmental Choose Smarter Surfaces

Are you looking to add functional surfaces to your office? No matter what sector you are in, adding magnetic, whiteboard or projection walls into your workplace can be really beneficial. This is Greentown Environmental Ltd. Read all about how they decided that functional surfaces, and Smart Wall Paint, were right for them. Objective When Greentown Environmental […]

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Refurbish Your Office: Ideas From Smarter Surfaces

So you want to update your office but are looking for some inspiration? Aside from some obvious ideas like buying pot plants or new crockery, here are some ideas you might not have considered before, if you are new to functional paints or wallcoverings : Whiteboard Walls If any of your people are lucky enough […]

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Turn Your Column Into A Whiteboard

We’ve shared a number of ways that you can transform your office. The next one is: writable columns. How do you transform a regular column in the middle of your office in a writable surface?’ If you were using a regular whiteboard, you’d need to apply it to a flat wall. This isn’t the case […]


Create an Interactive Whiteboard With Dry Erase Paint

Have you always wanted an interactive whiteboard in your office or classroom? Rather than spend the money on an expensive screen, just pair up a projector and a whiteboard wall instead. What is an Interactive Whiteboard? An interactive whiteboard is a tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital […]

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Turn Your Locker into A Whiteboard Surface

Are you looking to improve the organisation within your office? Does everything in your office work as hard as you ?  We love making the most of any surface. Most of our customers convert their walls with our functional paints and wallcoverings. Did you know you can also make the doors of your lockers dry […]


How Event Organisers Use Smarter Surfaces

  Event Feedback Wall Create a large event feedback wall where visitors can write their comments on the show throughout the day. As an event organiser, you know that any area of interactivity draws a crowd. You can also use these comments throughout the day to feed your social content of what is going on […]

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Smarter Surfaces Guide: How To Paint

At some stage in our lives, most of us will have picked up a paint brush. So we thought we would share our tips on painting – whether you are applying one of our functional paints (magnetic, projector or whiteboard paint) or painting using regular paints with no functionality. Let us start. There are 4 […]

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Top tips: Project Planning

In any business you can find yourself working on a number of projects which at times can be overwhelming. One solution for this is to plan out your projects beforehand. Project planning when done correctly can help reduce workplace stress and help make sure you complete your projects on time. In this post we will […]

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Smart Projector Paint : Does it Work?

Continuing our “Does It Work ?” series, let’s focus on one of our simple but very popular products, Smart Projector Paint. With Projector Paint, you can forget the cost and installation hassle with projector screens. Simply paint on your own projector screen area anywhere you like, in any size or shape you choose. (We designed […]

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