Convert Your Chalkboard Into a Whiteboard Wall

Tired of your old chalkboard? Looking to improve your space? Why not update your old dusty chalkboard to a sleek and modern whiteboard surface. Many of us have nostalgic memories of chalkboards from our school and childhood days and it seems there is still a huge fondness for these traditional products today. Chalkboards are being […]

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Save the Children Canada: CSR Case Study

Save the Children is a world leading independent organisation for children. They strive to give children an environment in which human rights and needs are protected. They contacted us through Smarter Surfaces Corporate Social Responsibility programme, looking to bring create a whiteboard wall with our whiteboard paint in their offices. They applied our award-winning whiteboard […]

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Choose Magnetic Paint Over Magnetic Panels

Once you start using magnetic boards or panels, it’s hard to imagine office life without them. But did you know about magnetic paint? This is just one of the “functional paints” (we term all of our paints and wallcoverings “functional” as they each add a function to the wall. Choose from whiteboard, projector or magnetic […]

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What Is In Your Smart Wall Paint Kit?

When you buy our award-winning whiteboard paint did you know it comes in a kit, so you get lots of extras as well ? This saves you money and gives you the main tools you need to apply. You only need to make two decisions when considering how you will create your dry erase wall. What […]

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3 Ways to Use a Customer Wall

Some of our products are used for the more obvious benefits they offer. So a whiteboard wall (achieved via whiteboard paint or whiteboard wallpaper) is used for writing-on and wiping-off, as you might think. But sometimes, customers share the most ingenious ways of using Smarter Surfaces walls. In fact, many times we take our customers’ […]

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Whiteboards V Smart Wall Paint Clear

Writing on whiteboards is a way of life in every office all around the world. But did you know you can have a whiteboard surface in any size ? what about in any colour ? When you hear “whiteboard”, this is what most people think of : Whiteboard Walls in Any Colour Would you believe […]

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Projector And Dry Erase Wallpaper: Does It Work?

In the last post in our ‘Does it Work?’ series, we focused on Smarter Surfaces’ Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase. What Is Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector And Dry Erase? Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase is a functional wallpaper which is both writable and projectable. That’s right, you get two functionalities in […]

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Endeavour Create A New Office With Smarter Surfaces

Based in the heart of Belfast, Endeavour Information Systems was established in September 2009 to deliver high quality Microsoft-based solutions to public and private organisations, as well as organisations in the charity and not-for-profit sector throughout the UK and Ireland. What was the problem? When planning a move into new premises, Endeavour hated the look of normal […]

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Be Wowed By Functional Wallpapers

Are you ready to be wowed by functional wallcoverings? Say goodbye to your whiteboard. This is the product of the future. Why should you be interested? That’s easy. Check out these three reasons below. 1: Have Any Functionality You Want. We Mean It Looking for a writable surface? Why not make it projectable as well? […]

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Portafill Makes The Most Of Their Office Space

Portafill International Ltd is a world leading designer, developer and supplier of a range of mobile screens, crushers, wash systems and conveyors. The company’s products are used in quarries, sand and gravel pits and landfill sites, where concrete, rubble, asphalt, stone and more can be screened, sorted and crushed. They operate in every continent in […]

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