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Upgrade Your Promotions With Versatile Whiteboard Walls

Various companies have expanded their modes of communication, especially with advances in technology. Now, everyday we see promotional content whether it’s displayed on a poster, a large billboard or presented on social media. Advertisements that use visuals and text have become an integral part of our everyday lives, with the latter having the most impact. […]

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Save the Children Canada: CSR Case Study

Save the Children is a world leading independent organisation for children. They strive to give children an environment in which human rights and needs are protected. They contacted us through Smarter Surfaces Corporate Social Responsibility programme, looking to bring create a whiteboard wall with our whiteboard paint in their offices. They applied our award-winning whiteboard […]

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Whiteboards V Smart Wall Paint Clear

Writing on whiteboards is a way of life in every office all around the world. But did you know you can have a whiteboard surface in any size ? what about in any colour ? When you hear “whiteboard”, this is what most people think of : Whiteboard Walls in Any Colour Would you believe […]

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Using A Digital Print With Smart Wall Paint Clear

Does your office need an upgrade? Sure you could choose traditional paints and wallpapers, but why not consider a digital print instead? That’s not all though, by adding Smart Wall Paint Clear you can also bring functionality to your surface. Now, you may have plenty of questions. What does a digital print add to my […]

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Change The Way You Work With Whiteboard Paint

Are you looking to bring something new to your office? Why not whiteboard paint? Adding functional products, such as whiteboard paint, to your office space can really change the way you work. But how, you may ask. Keep reading below for just three of the ways adding whiteboard paint to your space will change the […]

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Update Your Meeting Room For 2019

Does your meeting room need an upgrade in 2019? Are your meetings becoming stale and unproductive? Do you find  engagement lacking? How is interactivity ? How are energy levels around the table ? We have a solution. Consider updating your meeting room with functional surfaces. There are so many ways to do it. Read some […]

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CDE Create Magnetic And Dry Erase Surfaces

CDE’s global headquarters is in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. This is the world’s largest campus dedicated to the wet processing of materials in the sand & aggregates, mining, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands and environmental sectors. Since 1992, CDE has grown to be the largest wet processing equipment company in the world. Their customer list includes […]


Work Better with Smart Wall Paint

Technology is getting better at a rapid pace. New inventions are making almost every aspect of our lives easier. This is something that Smarter Surfaces has achieved with Smart Wall Paint. As a result, Smart Wall Paint has become a technological advancement in itself. It has helped many companies, both large and small in different […]

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Stand out from the Crowd with Whiteboard Paint

Keeping people up to date is extremely important. This is especially the case in schools and workplaces. Thankfully, technological advancements has made communication much easier. However, phones can’t get the message across in every environment. So why not try Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, for a new way to communicate with others. Any Wall […]


Does It Work Whiteboard Paint?

This latest post in Smarter Surfaces ‘Does it Work?’ series focuses on our best selling product, Smart Wall Paint. What It Is Smart Wall Paint is a one coat whiteboard paint which is available in two colours, white and transparent. With this product , the user can transform any desks, walls and doors into writable […]

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