Top Tips: Powerful Presentations

Top Tips: Powerful Presentations

Presentations can be a difficult art to master, regardless of who you’re presenting to. Whether it’s an in-office display for your co-workers, or a more serious offering to impress an investor or the CEO, the balance between giving too much or too little information can be tough. Today we’ve shared our top tips on giving […]

Tools for Time Management

Tools for Time Management

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get through your workload? Today we’ve shared four of our favourite time-management tools that can help you to limit distractions and map out your day and workload in a more effective way. Planner: Time management is all about planning and controlling […]

Tools for Working On the Go

Tools for Working On The Go

Nowadays, many jobs involve frequent travel and working on the go. Today we’ve shared our four favourite tools for making life a little bit easier when working away from the office. Google drive: First up, we have one of the most useful online tools available right now. Google Drive allows you to collaborate with colleagues […]

The Marketing Institute using Smarter Surfaces Products

The Marketing Institute using Smart Wall Paint

The Marketing Institute is the professional body for Ireland’s marketing people, in operation since 1962. Members of the Institute give themselves the ultimate competitive advantage to perform at the highest level – through access to a wide range of practical marketing knowledge, cutting-edge up-skill training programmes, and from networking opportunities with marketing peers throughout the country. We […]

Tools to Improve your Workspace

Tools to Improve Your Workspace

Nowadays, the average working week equates to almost forty hours. If you’re spending that amount of time in an office or at your desk, it’s important to ensure your environment is optimised for productivity and comfort. Today we’ve shared our favourite tools that can improve your workspace.   Ergonomics: If you spend your entire day […]


Case Study: Compare your Office with these Innovative Gamers

How does your office space compare with these Innovative Gamers? Pixel Federation was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to browser-based, mobile and tablet game development. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, they employ over 180 game enthusiasts. The gaming company has multiple Smarter Surfaces products installed around its office, and put them to use regularly, creating […]


I love the products so much, I bought the company

Safetec, founded in 2005, is a Brazilian Company based in the digital port of Recife, employing over 60 staff. It provides cloud computing advisory services and internal communications products to customers throughout Brazil.   The company originally applied 12m² of our award-winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint in its headquarters several years ago, and were […]


Top Tips: Idea Generation

Coming up with fresh ideas or solutions to problems isn’t always easy. Today we’ve shared our top tips on idea generation to give you some inspiration.   Group involvement When it comes to idea generation, several minds are better than one. Having multiple perspectives can often shed light on a problem or issue. One of […]

Declutter your Workspace

How To: Declutter Your Work-space

A cluttered desk looks unsightly, and is proven to hinder productivity and cause stress. We’ve made things easy for you and created a list of 7 simple steps that will declutter your work-space – and your mind! We’ve also included some pictures that will surely inspire you to get your desk in check.   Step 1: Identify what […]

Top Tips: Time Management

Top Tips: Time-Management

Want to improve your time-management skills? Today we have shared some simple, yet effective tips that can make a huge difference to the way in which you manage your schedule and balance your workload.   Get organised When practicing effective time-management, an organised environment is essential. Spending hours sifting through reams of paper in search […]

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