Top Tips and Tricks for Using Your Whiteboard Wallcovering or Paint

Transforming your workspace into an area of increased productivity and creativity with a whiteboard surface is easier than you think with our innovative products. Read below for some top tips and tricks for using our whiteboard products. Organisation  The addition of a whiteboard surface to your office means less clutter and mess, allowing you to […]

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Be Creative With Your Writable Walls

Do you want to work in a modern and productive working environment? Then it is time to get creative Install a whiteboard wall in your office and make changes to the way you work. It’s easier than you think. Get creative with your whiteboard wall and you can help meetings and everyday work tasks become […]

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Why You Should Choose Functional Wallcoverings

You know about flip charts, maybe you even know about whiteboard and magnetic paint. But did you know you can swap out old fashioned whiteboards for functional wallcoverings? It’s true. They’re wallpapers which come in a range of functionalities; magnetic, projection and dry erase. Consider putting your walls to work by installing a wallpaper that […]

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Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster

 Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster Every Time So your wall is uneven or of poor quality ? A coat of plaster will smooth and strengthen it out for you. Consider using magnetic plaster instead of regular plaster. Magnetic plaster is a super strong magnetic compound that will also smoothen the wall and you or your client […]

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How Strong Is Magnetic Plaster?

Are you considering a magnetic wall for your office? With so many magnetic products on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. There are so many variables to consider. One of the most important things is the strength of your magnetic wall. When searching for a magnetic product, one […]

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Create A Social Media Wall With Magnetic Paint

Looking for a new way to plan your social media content and make the most of your space? Why not create a social media wall using Smart Magnetic Paint? There are so many ways you can utilise the magnetic functionality to help with planning and collaboration. Check out some of our suggestions below.   Create […]

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Greentown Environmental Choose Smarter Surfaces

Are you looking to add functional surfaces to your office? No matter what sector you are in, adding magnetic, whiteboard or projection walls into your workplace can be really beneficial. This is Greentown Environmental Ltd. Read all about how they decided that functional surfaces, and Smart Wall Paint, were right for them. Objective When Greentown Environmental […]

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Choose Magnetic Paint Over Magnetic Panels

Once you start using magnetic boards or panels, it’s hard to imagine office life without them. But did you know about magnetic paint? This is just one of the “functional paints” (we term all of our paints and wallcoverings “functional” as they each add a function to the wall. Choose from whiteboard, projector or magnetic […]

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How To Use Projection Walls In Your Office

When trying to find the perfect functional surface for your office,  it’s important to look at all the options : whiteboard, magnetic or projection. In previous posts we have discussed a number of ways to use magnetic and whiteboard walls. But what can you do with projection walls? There are endless possibilities. Keep reading below […]

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Go Magnetic To Manage Your Projects Better

Want to do more with your office walls?   Do you have creative ideas for how you can use them? You can make these a reality with Smart Magnetic Paint and Plaster. Here are some ways they can help you. Better Ways To Work If you use your office walls for communication, setting deadlines and […]

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