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Project Planning With Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Want a way to increase organisation and make project planning easier? Then give Magnetic Whiteboard Paint a try. You can transform entire walls into magnetic and writable surfaces which are perfect for project planning. Find out some of the ways you can use them below. Project Planning For The Whole Team With Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, […]

MAGNETIC PLASTER magnetic whiteboard wall

Transform Your Surface With Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? It’s a two-coat plaster that allows you to create a high performing magnetic surface in your office or classroom. Want to learn how you can transform your surface, and what some of the benefits of this product may be? Then keep reading below. Top Three Benefits Of Magnetic Plaster […]

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Have Chalkboard and Whiteboard Walls In Your Office

We share a lot of ideas and content with you about how to use our products, so we though that we might show you some ways we use our own products! Darren Toner runs Smarter Surfaces in Northern Ireland. He installed previous brands of whiteboard paint before switching over the Smarter Surfaces. Well known in […]

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Teaching With Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

Are you a teacher? Looking to change the way you work? We have a solution for you. Try adding magnetic whiteboard walls to your classroom. You may have some questions. How do you create magnetic whiteboard walls? Well instead of traditional whiteboards or magnetic boards, we suggest installing a combination of  functional products. Either Magnetic […]

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5 Reasons You Need A Magnetic Wall

Are you looking for a way to increase organization and productivity in your office? Try a magnetic wall. Place it at desks, a central point in your office or in the meeting room. There are so many ways to utilize one. Keep reading below and see five reasons why you need to add a magnetic […]

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Stand Up Meetings V Sit Down Meetings

Is it time for you to consider having a stand-up meeting ? Benefits of Stand Up Meetings People have nowhere to hide. You cannot slump at a desk or concentrate on your phone or laptop while others are speaking around you. Stand up meetings encourage positive body language, direct eye contact, and therefore stronger communications. […]

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What to Hang On A Magnetic Wall

We love our magnetic walls at Smarter Surfaces.  Here are just some ideas of what to hang on your magnetic wall. If you don’t have a magnetic wall, you could be missing out on communications, productivity and fun ! Use magnetic paint or plaster from Smarter Surfaces. Watch out for our new magnetic wallcovering too. […]

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3 Ways to Use a Customer Wall

Some of our products are used for the more obvious benefits they offer. So a whiteboard wall (achieved via whiteboard paint or whiteboard wallpaper) is used for writing-on and wiping-off, as you might think. But sometimes, customers share the most ingenious ways of using Smarter Surfaces walls. In fact, many times we take our customers’ […]

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Create A Social Media Wall With Magnetic Paint

Looking for a new way to plan your social media content and make the most of your space? Why not create a social media wall using Smart Magnetic Paint? There are so many ways you can utilise the magnetic functionality to help with planning and collaboration. Check out some of our suggestions below.   Create […]

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Go Magnetic To Manage Your Projects Better

Want to do more with your office walls?   Do you have creative ideas for how you can use them? You can make these a reality with Smart Magnetic Paint and Plaster. Here are some ways they can help you. Better Ways To Work If you use your office walls for communication, setting deadlines and […]

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