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Magnetic Whiteboard Surface: Which should you choose?

Want a magnetic whiteboard surface but not sure which product to choose? You’re in luck as today we will be discussing all of the magnetic and dry erase options that are available to you. This is to help you make an informed decision when choosing what product you will use to create your magnetic dry […]

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CSR Case Study: Envision and WALK

As we put it on our website, Smarter Surfaces’ Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (CSR) is about helping charities which aim to make a real difference for the better with a particular emphasis on “encouraging a positive change in the workplace environment.” The story of two of the beneficiaries of our “Charity of the Month” scheme, […]

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Case Study: The Foundry

Belfast today is a good news story, its troubles receding into the rear view mirror. In The Foundry in East Belfast, a project which reflects this perfectly, Smarter Surfaces has played a crucial role in literally bringing people together, helping them economically and doing all of this in an aesthetically enhancing way. Thus The Foundry […]

Magnetic Paint vs. Magnetic Plaster

Magnetic Plaster vs. Magnetic Paint

In today’s post we have compared Smart Magnetic Plaster and Smart Magnetic Paint in terms of size, application, appearance and price, in order to assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your surface, space and budget. Sizing Smart Magnetic Plaster: The plaster is available in a 10 kg tub, which is the equivalent […]

Five uses for Whiteboard Paint

Five uses for Whiteboard Paint

Today we have shared five of our favourite uses for the award winning Smart Wall Paint, which is used by thousands of customers around the world to create writable surfaces that are tailored to their needs.   To-Do list A whiteboard surface in or around your desk area at work or at home is the […]

Uses for Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Uses for Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

In today’s post we’ve shared some our favourite uses for Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. Magnetic Whiteboard Paint kits combine magnetic paint with our award-winning whiteboard paint to give you a surface that is both writable and magnetic. The paint is available in white or clear, meaning you can create a surface in the colour of […]

The Marketing Institute using Smarter Surfaces Products

The Marketing Institute using Smart Wall Paint

The Marketing Institute is the professional body for Ireland’s marketing people, in operation since 1962. Members of the Institute give themselves the ultimate competitive advantage to perform at the highest level – through access to a wide range of practical marketing knowledge, cutting-edge up-skill training programmes, and from networking opportunities with marketing peers throughout the country. We […]

Tools to Improve your Workspace

Tools to Improve Your Workspace

Nowadays, the average working week equates to almost forty hours. If you’re spending that amount of time in an office or at your desk, it’s important to ensure your environment is optimised for productivity and comfort. Today we’ve shared our favourite tools that can improve your workspace.   Ergonomics: If you spend your entire day […]

Transform your Office Space with Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Transforming Offices: Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Today we discuss the benefits of installing a magnetic whiteboard surface within a business or organisation and the many ways in which this surface can be used to improve your workflow. Some of these points may seem obvious, whilst others are uses that you might not have previously considered.   Unlimited space for team work […]


How Architects Use Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

Architects and designers can spend most of their time working on ideas for buildings such as offices, apartments, hospitals and even airport terminals. Everything is visual so it is important to have the space to work on ideas without worrying about running out of space. Whiteboards and traditional flip charts will be too limited in […]

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