Office Wall Ideas: Add Functionality To Your Workspace

Looking to make some updates to your office? Want to make the most of your space? Well, we have some office wall ideas to share. Adding functionality to your surfaces is a great way of making the most of your space and improving the way you work. There are even a number of functionalities to […]

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Magnetic Writeable Walls in Staff Rooms

Meet St. Mary’s Primary School St. Mary’s Primary School is a 14 class base primary school with a single nursery unit and two Moderate Learning Difficulty classrooms. Following a £6.8million new build project, the school moved into its new premises on September 1st 2017. How To Make Curved Walls into Magnetic Writeable Walls ? However they […]

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How to Convert a Block Wall into a Magnetic Wall

We know many of you have internal block walls that look attractive, but cannot be used as they are not smooth. These type of walls are seen a lot in schools and industrial/ office developments. So we thought we share some information on how to turn your block wall into a smooth magnetic wall. This […]

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Smart Magnetic White board Paint: Does It Work?

In Part 4 of our ‘Does It Work?’ product series, we will be focusing on Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. (Check our previous posts in the “Does it Work ?” series on Projector Paint, Magnetic Plaster and Magnetic Paint here.) But first, what is magnetic whiteboard paint? Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is a bundle which includes […]

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Debunking Magnetic Product Myths

There are a lot of myths out there concerning magnetic products. In this post, we will debunk the most common myths by discussing Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Magnetic Plaster. Check them out below. Myth 1: Magnetic products can be ugly, and a dark colour While many dislike the dark colour of magnetic paint, this […]

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Smart Magnetic Paint: Does It Work?

In Part 3 of our series “Does it Work ?”, we are focusing on Smart Magnetic Paint. (Check out Smart Magnetic Plaster : Does it Work? and Smart Projector Paint : Does it Work?). First of all, what is magnetic paint? It’s a paint that acts as a magnetic receptor. It is not magnetic in […]

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Hospitality Customer Case Study: Melia Hotels

In our contemporary globalised world, it’s important to understand what we have in common with people from different backgrounds. A great place to see this in practice is in hotels geared to the international traveller. This includes Melia group’s Innside brand of hotels focused on the business traveller. Few places, and few clients, reflect Smarter […]

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Radisson Hotel: Customer Case Study

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, located on Golden Lane in Dublin, is a busy four-star, 150-room facility used extensively by businesses and organisations for meetings, launches, and conferences, and as a base for visitors to Ireland’s thriving, buzzing capital. With 15 meeting rooms, an exclusive seventh floor Sky Suite for larger gatherings, a ground floor ballroom-cum-theatre […]

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Branding 101: Smart Wall Paint to Smarter Surfaces

  Ronan Clarke, founder of Smarter Surfaces, came up with an idea for whiteboard paint during his old business. At that time, he had a construction company and a customer asked him to fit out an entire meeting room in whiteboards. Knowing that would be ugly as well as expensive, the idea for whiteboard paint, […]

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Case Study: The Foundry

Belfast today is a good news story, its troubles receding into the rear view mirror. In The Foundry in East Belfast, a project which reflects this perfectly, Smarter Surfaces has played a crucial role in literally bringing people together, helping them economically and doing all of this in an aesthetically enhancing way. Thus The Foundry […]

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