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Smart Whiteboard Paint – All You Need To Know

How Much Does Whiteboard Paint Cost? Whiteboard Paint can cost anything from $10m2 to $60m2. How much the paint costs can depend on many factors. For example, is it for a commercial project such as an office or a school? Or maybe it’s for a playroom for children. The installation will be a major factor. […]

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Update Your Workspace With A Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

Nowadays, there are a number of ways that companies try and improve the way they work and increase employee engagement. Standing meetings are becoming more popular than ever, you can swap out individual desks for communal workspaces. But why not go for something simpler that will actually change the way you work? We’re talking about […]

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Interesting Uses For Our Products

We know that most of our end users use our writable, magnetic and projector products for regular day to day work and learning activities. These might include project management and planning, brainstorming and meeting, presenting and collaborating. But from time to time, customers share other ways in which they use our products. Here are some […]


Optimize Your Workspaces With Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Paint

  Tired of the lack of space in your office? Then why not take advantage of the walls in your workspace?  We have a solution. Transform these walls into writable and magnetic surfaces with magnetic whiteboard wall paint. With a magnetic whiteboard wall paint, like our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, you can transform entire walls […]

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Create A Social Media Wall With Magnetic Paint

Looking for a new way to plan your social media content and make the most of your space? Why not create a social media wall using Smart Magnetic Paint? There are so many ways you can utilise the magnetic functionality to help with planning and collaboration. Check out some of our suggestions below.   Create […]

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Go Magnetic To Manage Your Projects Better

Want to do more with your office walls?   Do you have creative ideas for how you can use them? You can make these a reality with Smart Magnetic Paint and Plaster. Here are some ways they can help you. Better Ways To Work If you use your office walls for communication, setting deadlines and […]

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What Is The Best Magnetic Whiteboard Paint For Your Classroom

With classrooms full of up to 30 students educators are always looking for new and inventive ways to keep their class entertained and engaged in lessons.  One of the recent innovations that schools have been utilising is by updating their classroom surfaces. Instead of traditional whiteboards, flip charts or magnetic panels, teachers and pupils are […]

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Refurbish Your Office: Ideas From Smarter Surfaces

So you want to update your office but are looking for some inspiration? Aside from some obvious ideas like buying pot plants or new crockery, here are some ideas you might not have considered before, if you are new to functional paints or wallcoverings : Whiteboard Walls If any of your people are lucky enough […]

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What Can You Do With A Magnetic Whiteboard Surface?

Are you interested in adding functional surfaces to your office? You should be. Functional surfaces can improve the way you work. With Smarter Surfaces products, you can create a surface which is magnetic, dry erase or projection. The choice is yours. The best part? You don’t just have to choose just one functionality. Make your […]

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Magnetic Writeable Walls in Staff Rooms

Meet St. Mary’s Primary School St. Mary’s Primary School is a 14 class base primary school with a single nursery unit and two Moderate Learning Difficulty classrooms. Following a £6.8million new build project, the school moved into its new premises on September 1st 2017. How To Make Curved Walls into Magnetic Writeable Walls ? However they […]

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